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Brand Reputation Manager – How to Respond to Negative Reviews on Glassdoor

Using a brand reputation manager to monitor Glassdoor reviews can be highly beneficial. These tools allow you to assign unlimited users to monitor your company’s reputation on social media and coordinate review actions. Not only does this help you to respond quickly to negative reviews, but it also allows you to maintain a professional tone. To stay on top of the conversation, you must be able to respond in the proper manner and on time. Here are some tips for responding to negative reviews on Glassdoor:


One of the most critical aspects of using a brand reputation management service like ReviewTrackers for Glassdoor is the ability to monitor and respond to reviews. Glassdoor is different from other review sites in that employees are not required to post their thoughts. Therefore, the tone of your response should reflect your company’s values and human resources policies. Transparency is key. Never deny the reasons behind negative reviews. Be genuine and prepared to take action when appropriate.

Negative reviews often plague brand reputation management companies. To counter this, they use feedback software platforms like ReviewTrackers. They provide businesses with insights into their competitors’ online presence, such as Glassdoor. Moreover, their system sends alerts when someone posts a review about their company. Glassdoor has 41 million unique users every month, making it an excellent forum for top talent to research companies.


A recent Glassdoor survey of Yext employees reveals that the company’s salary is on par with other similar companies. Yext’s average yearly salary is 2,860, but other companies pay much more. For example, LinkedIn employees make an average of $139,345 a year, while Optimizely and Pinterest employees make a median of $133,688 per year. A brand reputation manager at Yext makes $92,595 a year.

Next is a knowledge engine platform that assists brands and businesses in providing official answers to consumer questions. Their system manages public facts and delivers accurate, location-based solutions across multiple platforms. Founded in 2006, Yext is headquartered in New York. The service offers employees tools to manage their online reputations and keep track of competitors. For example, a brand reputation manager can analyze and collect online reviews to help improve its business and attract better employees.


Sprout allows you to manage the reviews and messages on Glassdoor through its social media marketing platform. Once you have connected your Glassdoor profile, you can start monitoring and responding to these reviews. You can also filter these reviews by star rating and keywords to prioritize and respond to the most important ones. Sprout’s Tag Report also lets you prioritize and manage all Glassdoor reviews. If you have a social media manager who’s looking to attract better talent, Sprout is an ideal solution.

Sprout integrates with Glassdoor to give you a comprehensive picture of the employer brand. It bridges the HR and marketing worlds to develop a holistic brand strategy that delivers positive results. You can even add a Saved Reply that includes your Glassdoor responses. In addition, you can reply to Glassdoor reviews directly from your Sprout account. Sprout will also help you manage your social media profiles, helping you respond to Glassdoor reviews faster and easier.

Sprout for Glassdoor

In Sprout, you can manage your company’s Glassdoor reviews. Just connect your Glassdoor profile to Sprout and enable Manage Profiles & Permissions. Ensure you grant Glassdoor admin rights and provide your API key. Once this is done, Sprout will populate your Glassdoor profile with Glassdoor reviews. You can see the number of reviews for your company and the sentiment of your employees by logging into the Sprout dashboard and selecting your Glassdoor profile.

Sprout allows you to respond to employee reviews, identify trends, and create a social strategy. Node helps you build an accurate, proactive brand reputation by integrating with Glassdoor. Glassdoor content is posted anonymously by employees. This means that a company may be subject to varying salaries and pay scales. By incorporating your employee’s feedback into your brand reputation management strategy, you’ll be able to respond to any reviews that are critical to your employer’s brand.

Sprout for Google

Sprout for Google’s brand reputation manager combines social media monitoring with a social listening module. This module gathers and analyzes data from various social media channels, allowing users to identify trends and extract actionable insights. In addition, sprout social enables users to set up a centralized hub for their social media profiles. From here, they can organize and assign social media tasks for different teams, including those responsible for managing reviews.

Sprout Social allows users to add saved replies and tailor them to the specific needs of each post. Sprout also will enable users to manage media used in social media posts. Additionally, this platform includes a chatbot tool that allows users to respond to comments on Twitter or Facebook with ease. Sprout Social is also straightforward and provides several features that may appeal to various businesses.

Brand Reputation Manager Jobs

If you are considering a career in brand reputation management, you’re not alone. Many companies struggle with their reputations but hiring a professional can make a difference. Reputation management is essential to a company’s success, and the most successful brands know how to use it to their advantage. Here are some tips to help you land a brand reputation manager job. Listed below are a few of the most critical responsibilities.