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Digital Trends – Why It’s Important to Use Glassdoor

Why its importance to use glassdoor. Glassdoor is an American review website that allows users to review companies, salaries, and interview processes anonymously. In late 2017, the website was acquired by Japanese firm Recruit Holdings for US$1.2 billion, though it continues to operate independently. The company is based in San Francisco, California, and has additional offices in Chicago, Dublin, London, and Sao Paulo. In addition to the site, Glassdoor also publishes a free mobile app, which allows users to rate their potential employers.

digitial trends glassdoor

Since its launch, Glassdoor has steadily gained popularity. It has helped job seekers understand the culture of companies, what salary they should expect, and whether the company’s working environment is positive or negative. As a result, the app has become a valuable resource for job-seekers and employers alike. Here’s why it’s essential to use Glassdoor: To stay ahead of the competition, employers can quickly check Glassdoor reviews to ensure they’re hiring the best people.

Takeout takes a considerable cut of customer dollars: 42% of customers order carryout/delivery three or more days a week; 63% order it at least twice a week. 1 Sidenote – orders aren’t always claimed: 47% of customers stated they purchased carryout but never chose it, leaving restaurants with orphaned orders (glassdoor community guidelines).

Alcohol-to-go is rapidly acquiring appeal: 56% of customers ages 21 and older stated they are likely to buy cocktails-to-go this year; nearly one-third (32%) said they are highly likely to do so. In addition, customers want to pay more to provide a livable wage for dining establishment staff: When asked whether they would be open to restaurants including greater service charge (20% or higher) to assist offer a livable wage to staff, 2 in 5 customers (43%) said they would support it.

More consumers regular neighborhood mom-and-pop dining establishments: When asked where they dine or order frequently, 34% of consumers indicated regional, independent dining establishments compared to 20% who choose nationwide chains; 46% are equally split between the two. “Despite remaining concerns, customers can’t assist however miss their favorite eateries, and numerous are dining in person once again or plan to in the future however with various expectations,” said Brendan Sweeney, CEO, and co-founder of Popmenu.

This doesn’t imply that hospitality has actually to be jeopardized at all. On the contrary, the ongoing profound shortage of available hospitality workers in lots of methods demands the participation of more technology to make staff more efficient. Moreover, as the dining establishment market pursues continual healing, a greater focus on digital connections and benefit will boost guest experiences that will always be grounded in outstanding food and service.” 1 Source for this stat: Popmenu’s nationwide study of 1,000 customers in Q4 2021 – glassdoor community guidelines.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. But unfortunately, as compliance develops as a market, we sometimes forget the foundational best practices that our programs are built upon.