Does glassdoor automatically repost jobs

Glassdoor is an online platform that provides a range of resources for job seekers and employees. It was founded in 2007 and has since become one of the most popular websites for company reviews, salary information, job listings, and career-related content. Glassdoor is an online platform that provides insights into companies and jobs, offering information about salaries, company reviews, interview experiences, and more. It operates as a review site where employees and job seekers can anonymously share their opinions and experiences about employers.

What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor aims to provide transparency in the job market by leveraging the power of crowdsourced information. It helps job seekers make informed decisions, enables employers to understand employee feedback, and encourages transparency in the workplace.

Glassdoor allows employees to leave anonymous reviews about their workplace, including details about company culture, management, work-life balance, compensation and benefits, career growth opportunities, and overall satisfaction. Job seekers can access these reviews to gain insights into a company’s reputation and work environment before applying or accepting a job offer.

Does Glassdoor Automatically Repost Jobs?

Glassdoor does not automatically repost jobs. When employers post job openings on Glassdoor, they typically have control over the duration and visibility of the job listing. They can choose the duration for which the job posting will be active and visible on the platform. Once the designated duration expires, the job posting will no longer appear in the search results unless the employer decides to renew or repost the job.

However, it’s worth noting that specific practices and features on Glassdoor may have changed since my last update. It’s always a good idea to refer to Glassdoor’s official website or contact their support for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding job postings and their duration.

Benefits of Automatically Reposting Jobs on Glassdoor

However, here are some potential advantages that could be associated with automatically reposting jobs:

  1. Increased Visibility: Automatically reposting jobs on Glassdoor can help maintain a consistent presence and visibility on the platform. As job listings have an expiration date, reposting them ensures that they remain active and searchable for potential candidates, maximizing the chances of attracting qualified applicants.

  2. Extended Reach: Reposting jobs periodically can extend the reach of the job listing to a wider audience. Candidates who might have missed the initial posting or have recently joined the platform can discover the job opportunity when it reappears in the search results.

  3. Updated Content: Automatic reposting allows employers to refresh the job listing’s content, making any necessary updates or revisions to the job description, qualifications, or application instructions. This ensures that the information presented to candidates remains accurate and relevant.

  4. Targeted Candidate Engagement: Reposting jobs provides an opportunity to engage with candidates who may have shown interest in the position during the previous posting but did not apply. By bringing the job listing back to their attention, it increases the chances of attracting their application or encouraging them to share the opportunity with others.

  5. Cost and Time Efficiency: Automating the reposting process can save time and effort for employers. Instead of manually reposting jobs, they can set up an automated system that handles the reposting based on predetermined intervals or triggers. This streamlines the job listing management process and allows employers to focus on other recruitment tasks.

Easier to Find Qualified Candidates

Automatically reposting jobs on Glassdoor can potentially make it easier to find qualified candidates in the following ways:

  1. Increased Exposure: By automatically reposting jobs, you can ensure that your job listings stay visible and accessible to a larger pool of candidates. This increased exposure can attract more qualified individuals who may have missed the initial posting or joined the platform after the job was originally listed.

  2. Reaching Passive Candidates: Passive candidates, who are currently employed but open to new opportunities, may not actively search for job listings. By reposting jobs, you have a chance to catch the attention of passive candidates who may be browsing or exploring opportunities on Glassdoor.

  3. Extended Application Window: Reposting jobs extends the application window, giving qualified candidates who may need more time to consider or apply for the position an opportunity to do so. Some individuals might need additional time to prepare their applications or complete any required assessments, and the extended availability can increase the likelihood of attracting their applications.

  4. Targeted Messaging: Reposting jobs allows you to refine your job description and messaging based on the responses and feedback received during the initial posting period. By iterating and improving the content, you can better communicate the qualifications and requirements for the role, which can attract more qualified candidates who closely match your criteria.

Time-Saving Process

Automatically reposting jobs on Glassdoor can provide time-saving benefits for employers in the following ways:

  1. Automated Reposting: Setting up an automated reposting system eliminates the need for manual intervention to repost jobs on Glassdoor. Once the system is configured, the job listings will be automatically reposted according to the specified schedule or triggers, saving time and effort for employers.

  2. Streamlined Job Listing Management: Automating the reposting process allows employers to manage their job listings more efficiently. Instead of manually monitoring and reposting jobs, they can rely on the automated system to handle the task. This streamlining of job listing management frees up time for employers to focus on other essential recruitment activities.

  3. Consistent Presence: Automatic reposting ensures a consistent presence of job listings on Glassdoor. Maintaining a regular and visible presence can be crucial for attracting candidates who may visit the platform at different times. By automating the reposting process, employers can ensure that their job opportunities are continuously available for candidates to discover, even if they missed the initial posting.

Improved Visibility for Companies and Employers

Automatically reposting jobs on Glassdoor can contribute to improved visibility for companies and employers in the following ways:

  1. Extended Exposure: Reposting jobs ensures that your job listings remain visible for a longer period of time on Glassdoor. This extended exposure increases the likelihood of attracting the attention of potential candidates who visit the platform at different times. It allows your job opportunities to be consistently available for discovery, even if candidates missed the initial posting.

  2. Increased Brand Awareness: Regularly reposting jobs helps to create and maintain brand awareness among job seekers on Glassdoor. When candidates see your company’s job listings appearing multiple times, it reinforces your presence and makes your brand more familiar to them. This can enhance your employer brand and make your company more recognizable in the job market.

  3. Improved Search Ranking: Automatic reposting of jobs can positively impact your search ranking on Glassdoor. The platform’s search algorithm considers various factors, including relevancy and freshness of job listings. By reposting jobs, you signal to the algorithm that your listings are active and up-to-date, potentially resulting in higher search rankings. This, in turn, increases the visibility of your job listings to relevant candidates.

How Does Glassdoor Auto-Repost Jobs?

Glassdoor does not have a built-in feature for automatically reposting jobs. Glassdoor’s job posting duration is typically set by the employer at the time of posting, and the job listing remains active on the platform for the designated duration.

To repost a job on Glassdoor, employers would need to manually log into their employer account, locate the job listing they want to repost, and extend the duration or create a new posting. This manual process allows employers to review and update the job details if necessary before reposting the job.

Setting Up the Default Settings for Automatically Posting Jobs

Glassdoor does not have a default setting for automatically posting jobs. When employers post jobs on Glassdoor, they typically need to manually set the job details, including the job title, description, location, and other relevant information.

However, Glassdoor provides an employer portal where employers can manage their job listings and account settings. Within the employer portal, there might be options to save job templates or copy previous job postings, which can help streamline the process of creating similar job listings in the future. Employers can also access metrics and analytics related to their job postings to track performance and make informed decisions.

Choosing a Single Source for Job Posts

Choosing a single source for job posts can have its advantages in terms of streamlining the recruitment process and focusing your efforts. Here are some benefits of selecting a single job posting source:

  1. Efficiency: By using a single job posting source, you can save time and effort by centralizing your job postings in one location. Instead of managing multiple platforms and accounts, you can focus on optimizing your job listings on a single platform, ensuring consistency and easier tracking of applications.

  2. Consistency: A single job posting source allows you to maintain a consistent employer brand and message across your job listings. You can develop standardized templates and formatting, ensuring that your job postings present a cohesive and professional image to job seekers.

  3. Cost Savings: Concentrating your job postings on a single source can potentially lead to cost savings. Many job posting platforms charge fees based on the number of job listings or features utilized. By selecting a single platform, you can avoid duplicating costs across multiple sources.

The Pros & Cons of Automatically Reposting on Glassdoor

Automatically reposting jobs on Glassdoor can have both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  1. Extended Visibility: Automatically reposting jobs on Glassdoor increases the duration of your job listings, ensuring they remain visible to potential candidates for a longer period. This extended visibility can attract a larger pool of applicants and increase the chances of finding qualified candidates.

  2. Consistency: By automating the reposting process, you can maintain a consistent presence on Glassdoor. Regularly reposting jobs demonstrates that your company is actively hiring and engaged in the recruitment process. This can help build brand awareness and attract candidates who perceive your company as responsive and committed to finding the right talent.


  1. Repetitiveness: Automatic reposting may result in job listings appearing frequently in search results, potentially creating a sense of repetitiveness for candidates who regularly browse job listings on Glassdoor. This may lead to reduced interest or engagement with your job postings over time.

  2. Limited Freshness: Automatically reposting jobs without making substantial updates to the job description or other details may diminish the perceived freshness of the opportunity. Candidates may assume that no significant changes have been made, leading them to overlook the job listing or perceive it as less attractive.

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