Glassdoor is an American site where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management.Associated Press, March 29, 2013,, Employees rate their employers, CEOs on Glassdoor In the year prior to April 2014, more than 500,000 company reviews were submitted to the site.Dennis McCafferty,, April 8, 2014, The Top Ten CEOs at U.S. Tech Companies Launched in 2008,Erik Schonfeld, TechCrunch, June 10, 2008, At Glassdoor, Find Out How Much People Really Make At Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, And Everywhere Else. its ratings of CEOs and workplaces based on collating these reviews are widely reported, and in 2013 the site’s annual Employees’ Choice Awards were described as “well-respected” by the Daily Telegraph.Rob Grant, Daily Telegraph, April 8, 2013, Facebook voted world’s best employer According to BusinessWeek,Vanessa Wong, BusinessWeek, March 18, 2013, Why Employees Like Zuckerberg (and Other Popular CEOs) Glassdoor “verified that the reviews came from real employees through technological checks of e-mail addresses and through screenings by a content management team”. In 2013 Glassdoor said that “About 15 to 20 per cent of the content that is submitted to Glassdoor is actually rejected because it either doesn’t meet our community guidelines or it appears suspicious.”Calgary Herald, April 10, 2013, Website lets workers rate their bosses anonymously In 2010 Glassdoor launched “Enhanced Employer Profiles”, which allows employers to pay monthly fees to include “official corporate biographies, job listings and corporate Twitter feeds, alongside the untamed voices of their workers”.Nick Wingfield, Wall Street Journal, June 23, 2010, Employers Sound Off on Company Review Site In 2012 it raised $20 million of venture capital to support expansion outside the United States, taking its total outside funding to $42.2 million.Sarah Perez, TechCrunch, October 31, 2012, Glassdoor Raises $20M Series D To Expand Internationally The site has been mentioned by the Wall Street Journal as contributing to a wider trend: “Sites where people post salaries and other feedback about employers, such as, also contribute to the sense that pay is no longer a private issue”.Lauren Weber and Rachel Emma Silverman, Wall Street Journal, April 16, 2013, Workers Share Their Salary Secrets

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