Robert Hohman

Robert Hohman (born 1970/71) is the co-founder and chairman of Glassdoor, the jobs and recruiting site, which was acquired by Recruit Holdings in 2018.[1] Hohman served as CEO of Glassdoor from 2007 to 2020.[2]

Early life and education[edit]

Hohman grew up in a blue collar family near Canton, Ohio. He began writing software at age 12.[3] He spent summers earning money on his grandparents’ farm baling hay in order to buy memory for his VIC-20 computer.[4]

By high school, he was writing COBOL code for an accounting firm.[3]

He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from Stanford University. While at Stanford, Hohman and Victor Jih co-founded Victory Briefs, the largest debate camp organizer in North America.[5]

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