Secret handshake

secret handshake is a distinct form of handshake or greeting which indicates membership in or loyalty to a clubclique or subculture. The typical secret handshake involves placing one’s fingers or thumbs in a particular position, one that will be recognized by fellow members while seeming to be a normal handshake to non-members. This is most frequently associated in the popular consciousness with college fraternities, fraternal orders and secret societies.[1][unreliable source?]

A secret handshake can also be a useful form of familiar interaction between friends, colleagues, and family members. Secret handshakes are shared only with select and elect peoples. Usually a secret handshake has underlying meanings that differ from person to person. Secret handshakes involve a precise, sometimes complex series of movements and contact between two individuals or even a group. Usually, these movements involve the primary use of hands, but could also involve touching feet, elbows, or in some cultures a friendly kiss.

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