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How to Edit Your Glassdoor Employer Profile

Once you’ve discovered the benefits of a Glassdoor employer profile, you can begin to edit it. Managing your company profile is easy once you understand its basics. Here are some tips to get you started:

Employer center

Glassdoor’s accessible Employer Center lets employers monitor reviews of their company and also if necessary remove glassdoor reviews. This self-service feature is handy for employers targeting potential talent by job title and education level. Employers can easily view and respond to reviews and monitor profile activity. Employers can also use the Employer Center to post new job openings and review specific candidates. Glassdoor also includes a list of Indeed paid job postings.

Glassdoor users typically read four reviews before forming an opinion about a company. Once they’ve read a review, they can request to receive a copy of it. They can also download the study in Excel format if they’d prefer. Employers should draft a response and respond to reviews politely, no matter the tone. Replying to a review should acknowledge positive feedback and provide a link to an internal company page.

Adding a section

Adding a section to your Glassdoor profile is an excellent way to improve employee reviews and communicate your employer brand story. This is prime real estate and allows you to update information like your company description, mission statement, and photos. The more reviews you have, the more likely your company will appear in search results. You can also respond to employee comments and feedback. To learn how to use this valuable resource, read on.

A typical Glassdoor profile includes a list of job experience, education, connections, and work experience. It also consists of an image that is linked to a Facebook profile. Unfortunately, glassdoor users can’t change their Facebook profile picture, another big downside. Many companies have their own Facebook pages that connect to their Glassdoor profiles. If you’re not sure whether a particular company will allow you to post a review, check out the company’s page and learn if it’s allowed.

Monitoring review messages

When it comes to monitoring review messages on Glassdoor, you have a few options. You can ignore older reviews, which are unlikely to be a serious concern, and try to respond to more recent ones. In addition, you can also opt to receive alerts about new reviews via third-party systems or by performing daily checks on Glassdoor. While these options can be helpful, they do come with some limitations.

The first step in responding to a review is to create a draft of the response. If the reviewer is unprofessional, use a polite and professional tone in your response. If the reviewer doesn’t reply right away, take the conversation offline to resolve the issue. Make sure you acknowledge the positive feedback when possible and thank them for their time. Make sure to address all questions and concerns positively.

Responding to deceptive reviews

You’ve received negative Glassdoor reviews about your company. Now, how do you respond? In general, responding with a sincere apology can resolve the issue. However, it’s essential to understand that Glassdoor has strict policies against deceptive or false reviews. Therefore, if you believe that a review is accurate, you should contact Glassdoor for help. They can help you resolve the situation if they find it untrue or offensive.

While you’re at it, you may be tempted to respond to all negative reviews. However, don’t reply to overly critical thoughts. This can legitimize them and harm your employer’s brand. Fortunately, casting is an integral part of corporate communication. While a generic response is ineffective, answering specific questions shows that you’re concerned about employee feedback. You can even mirror the reviewer’s description for more authenticity.

Adding a photo

Adding a photo to your Glassdoor profile is a great way to attract more visitors to your profile. Usually, a Glassdoor profile is limited to a list of work experience, education, and connections. The profile also contains a picture of the person who works at your company. You can’t change this photo, but you can choose to add an image that depicts your workplace. In addition, a Glassdoor profile is linked to a Facebook-like page for that company.

Glassdoor is a great place to tell your employer brand story if you’re an employer. The company description and mission statement on your Glassdoor profile are prime real estate for communicating your company’s culture and work environment. In addition, Glassdoor’s OpenCompany program sends a clear message that your company is transparent. After completing the OpenCompany program, you’ll receive a badge, so include it in your profile.

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