Glassdoor email alerts

Glassdoor Email Alerts

glassdoor email alerts

Glassdoor’s email program sends out an alert to a small percentage of its 30 million monthly users. The email contains the Glassdoor email address. If you’d like to receive this email, you should opt-in by providing your contact information. If you don’t, you can also unsubscribe by following the link at the bottom of the email. Then, you’ll receive only emails from Glassdoor if you choose to.

Glassdoor’s email program

Over the past eight years, Glassdoor’s email program has grown exponentially. As the company’s user base grows, the email program must also scale. The company uses the Email API to tailor its email alerts to individuals’ interests and values. The company mines its data about company culture to deliver highly relevant job recommendations to every recipient. A few of the many ways Glassdoor uses the Email API are detailed below.

Users who subscribe to Glassdoor’s email program may receive emails with the terms of service, including a link to the site’s arbitration agreement. The purpose is to look for reviews and request to remove glassdoor reviews. This email was sent to only 2% of the site’s 30 million active monthly users. Each email contained an arbitration provision, which prevents members from filing class-action lawsuits. The company raised $40 million in June from venture capital firms and is valued at $1 billion, but they violated the law with the same email.


The deliverability of Glassdoor email alerts is relatively high. However, you should know that email delivery isn’t guaranteed. In addition to being undeliverable, they can sometimes request financial information from subscribers. To avoid these situations, you should opt-out of receiving emails from Glassdoor. Below are some essential things to remember before signing up. They may sound insignificant, but these steps can help you ensure your emails are received.

First of all, Glassdoor’s email program has grown dramatically over the past eight years. As a result, it requires significant scalability and flexibility to maintain a good level of deliverability. For that reason, Glassdoor opted for SendGrid as its email provider. This technology helps Glassdoor deliver personalized email alerts and other personalized content to job seekers and employers. Glassdoor leverages the SendGrid Email API to guarantee that recipients receive their email alerts.

Privacy Shield Principles

In the past, we have opted for Privacy Shield to ensure that our email alerts are based on the most current law. We do so because the law sets specific minimum standards to protect the privacy of EU citizens. We do not collect sensitive information such as

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Financial or health information. We also limit the number of users we send our email to. While this means that we cannot send you email alerts that contain personal data about other people, it does protect us from unintentionally disclosing information to third parties.

We also follow the Privacy Shield Principles for our email alerts. This means that we are obligated to respect the privacy of EU citizens and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation replaces the Data Protection Directive, passed in 1995 but has not kept up with technology and big data changes. Although GDPR is more stringent, the Privacy Shield Principles are still the best protection we can hope for.

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