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How to Get Rid of a Bad Glassdoor Review

A company may be concerned about its Glassdoor review, but it cannot simply delete it. While a user can report inappropriate reviews and delete them, Glassdoor does not remove any content unless it is illegal. So, unfortunately, the company has very little control over what is published on Glassdoor. Luckily, there are some ways to make sure your bad review does not get posted in the first place. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well to a glass-free workplace.


If you believe your Glassdoor review is harmful to your employer’s brand, you can take steps to remove it. One of the best ways is to contact the original poster and ask them to remove the content. If you feel that the employee will agree to remove it peacefully, you can ask them to do so. But it would help if you kept in mind that you are not legally obligated to delete the content.

While Glassdoor has a policy that requires it to remove posts with defamatory statements, the company can’t enforce this policy. While it may have an obligation to respect the decision of a court, it is unlikely to take action against an anonymous user. Moreover, if a review violates Glassdoor’s terms of service, it may be removed. Businesses can flag reviews as defamatory and flag them for removal by their Content Moderation team. Therefore, it is possible to remove content by filing a complaint with the individual who posted it.

If the review contains a link to an illegal website, it may be difficult to remove. The best way to remove negative Glassdoor reviews is to hire an expert online reputation management service. They specialize in restoring the online presence of companies and reducing lousy publicity. You can even have just one bad review removed. NetReputation’s online reputation management experts can help you recover from one bad review and rebuild your brand’s reputation.

If your review contains a false or inaccurate review about your company, you should hire Glassdoor removal services. Although it is difficult to remove a fraudulent check, a company can take other measures to fix its reputation. It can earn positive reviews on other sites, direct employees to Indeed, and push the Glassdoor profile off the first page of Google. Lastly, it can use legal action to remove bad reviews. However, companies must remember that they cannot legally force Glassdoor to remove a review.

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  • Since Glassdoor reviews are anonymous, employers can receive honest and detailed feedback on their strengths and shortcomings.
  • Other research shows that at least half of consumers won’t conduct business with companies who have a Glassdoor review of less than 4.0/
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  • If you report a Glassdoor review and do not remove it, and you think it violates their Community Guidelines, we recommend seeking legal help as soon as
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  • Since all Glassdoor reviews are anonymous, the door is open for anyone to leave abusive ‘reviews’