How to Improve Your Glassdoor Ratings

If you’re interested in increasing your Glassdoor ratings, it’s essential to create a plan of action for your Glassdoor profile. Don’t ask for 5-star reviews on the same day, or you’ll look forced. This will generate a stream of great reviews in one shot, hurting your overall score. Instead, send reminders to employees to write reviews and regularly monitor their status on Glassdoor.

Scheduling Glassdoor reviews is a crucial strategy for any company. First, consider when your employees’ workload is at its peak. When your staff is working at their heaviest, they are more likely to give positive feedback. If you want to increase positive reviews, schedule your thoughts around those times. You can also make a schedule based on peak workloads. A busy team isn’t likely to leave a good review.

Using Glassdoor is a must for every company looking to attract quality employees. Most job seekers use Glassdoor to research and rate their prospective employers. A good employer brand will have a higher cost per hire than a company with a bad reputation. A poor employer brand may increase recruiting fees and lower acceptance rates. If your employees leave a negative review, it will hurt your Glassdoor rating and your company’s reputation.

Start by proactively encouraging your employees to submit their Glassdoor reviews. Often, unhappy employees are more likely to post reviews online. So, it’s essential to build an open and transparent culture. This will improve employee satisfaction and increase your company’s reputation. So, start reading Glassdoor reviews and encourage your staff to give them honest opinions! Your efforts will pay off!

In addition to reading Glassdoor reviews, make sure to respond to them. Responding to the negative reviews on Glassdoor will demonstrate your openness to the feedback. It will also show your willingness to improve. By responding to the negative reviews, you’ll be making an effort to show your employees that you value their input. You’ll be surprised how many potential employees will check the Glassdoor profile of a company that offers no compensation.

While Glassdoor reviews can be positive or negative, you should also respond to them. While your Glassdoor reviews are an excellent resource for prospective employees, they must remain positive and respond to them. You’ll demonstrate that your employees value the feedback they provide to your company. In addition, if your staff members are happy with their work experience, you’ll be more likely to get more referrals in the future.

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  • Whether you decide to follow this process yourself or hire an online reputation management firm to do it for you, here is a six-step blueprint for improving your Glassdoor reviews and helping you attract top
  • So, to avoid this issue, you must periodically campaign current employees to fill out Glassdoor reviews as well.
  • First off, know that boosting your Glassdoor reviews and scores can take time, especially if your score is low. To begin
  • Assuming managers understand the importance of the company’s Glassdoor review, ask them to rally their teams to get reviews over a certain
  • Your company’s insights from monitoring, organizing, and reporting on Glassdoor reviews should be applied to your employer branding strategy.
  • Glassdoor reviews are paired with star ratings which act as a grading
  • Glassdoor reviews can benefit your company in several ways.
  • Glassdoor reviews can be a candidate’s first impression of your
  • Whether you want to grow your base of employee reviews, offset any nasty comments you’ve received, or feature testimonials from already happy staff, encouraging your team to submit Glassdoor reviews can be an effective
  • Using these moments to request your employees to leave a Glassdoor review can work wonders for your brand and increase your brand reputation.
  • Technically you cannot delete Glassdoor reviews (unless it is illegal), nor can you locate the employee since it is

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Glassdoor is an excellent resource for employees to write candid reviews of their work environment. While these reviews are not as relevant to employers as they were in years past, they are still important in these times of low unemployment. It is essential for companies not to create a negative employer brand image or risk losing potential applicants and current staff. To avoid this, make sure you respond to Glassdoor feedback quickly. Here are a few tips for responding to employees’ comments on Glassdoor.

How to Respond to Employees’ Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor is an excellent resource for employees to write candid reviews of their work environment. While these reviews are not as relevant to employers as they were in years past, they are still important in these times of low unemployment. It is essential for companies not to create a negative employer brand image or risk losing potential applicants and current staff. To avoid this, make sure you respond to Glassdoor feedback quickly. Here are a few tips for responding to employees’ comments on Glassdoor.

Tips For Improving Glassdoor Rating

There are several essential tips to consider when improving your glassdoor rating. First, make sure that you have a company profile on Glassdoor. It’s crucial that you do, as a lousy Glassdoor rating can hurt your company’s credibility. In addition, employees who review your company are more likely to leave positive comments than negative ones. So, you must respond to every review. In this way, you’ll better understand what your employees say about your company.

Picture this: your business has a few poor apples pulling the remainder of the team down. Maybe they have poisonous individualities that are poisoning the group dynamic, seriously underperforming– or otherwise appearing at all! Whatever the problem, you mean beyond the “three strikes and you’re out” regulation.


They ultimately locate new jobs, and also everybody steps on with their lives. It’s a tale as old as time.


The average company rating on Glassdoor is a 3. 3 out of 5. glassdoor community guidelines. (And that average includes all the firms with plans– imagine exactly how reduced that would be if you took those out!) Again, everything comes down to humanity. Individuals tend to write unfavorable evaluations much more regularly than favorable ones.


As a general rule, I have located that most business owners often tend not to care concerning Glassdoor until they see a concern. Then, all you require is accessibility to a business e-mail address so you can validate your account.

Start by rounding up management, marketing, and some long-tenured staff members to consolidate a checklist of present people at the business. The benefit of beginning below is that you’ll immediately neutralize the existing negative testimonials from dissatisfied ex-employees with the opposite of the spectrum: satisfied current workers. You may be lured to promptly ask all your staff members to assess so you can wash your hands of this issue.

Unfavorable testimonials are likely to flow in at the same price as they always have. In addition, those favorable reviews will be buried by more negatives at some factor. It is far better for these two factors to put your happy, existing staff members on an evaluation timetable to spread them over time.


That kind of feedback can indicate a globe of a difference, both for the worker who left the testimonial and all the prospective work applicants looking into the company online. And also, don’t forget to reply to positive evaluations! Picture how thrilled your staff members will be to get an individual thanks for putting in the time to review.

The most significant advantage of having an active Glassdoor web page is that you obtain consistent, honest feedback from your employees on what’s functioning and what’s not. Armed with that type of info, you’ll be well-appointed to make inner modifications to suit the most common compliments, problems, and pointers. Likewise, if you notice a troubling fad in the comments you receive, you have a different chance to repair that trouble before it gets out of hand.

Assume regarding a time you bought a product online or browsed online for a restaurant to try (glassdoor community guidelines). Did client testimonials contribute to your last decision on which product to pick or which restaurant to attempt? If you’re like most contemporary consumers, the solution is probably a guaranteed yes.

Suppose you observe that 90% of former employees write adverse evaluations, and also, they all whine regarding poor monitoring. In that case, you know there may be a hidden interaction concern between management and staff members. Adverse experiences motivate us to make a public complaint; it’s humanity. But on the other hand, people who have favorable experiences are not encouraged to make the same general statements unless the customer experience exceeds and beyond.


That claimed, responding to reviews will not necessarily boost future studies. However, it will certainly send a positive message to potential staff members surfing your Glassdoor profile.


The main takeaway needs to be; that despite adverse evaluations and a low score, they constantly continue to be favorable. Approaching unfavorable Glassdoor testimonials from this aggressive and confident way of thinking will certainly set the proper intention. The supreme objective is to deal with and deal with the underlying problem instead of fast masking it with partial remedies.

Browse actions to comprehend the regularity and extent of particular concerns, which suggest those need to be your primary concerns when dealing with problems (glassdoor community guidelines). While responses can be frustrating and demotivating, let’s encounter it sometimes, it is essential to act on the understandings you have gathered. Absolutely nothing discourages workers quicker than being requested comments and then ignored.


Everyone wishes to be as educated as feasible before deciding a decision of any range for that issue. Therefore, consumers and prospects are doing their research study from pizza to careers before dedicating themselves. According to Glassdoor, jobseekers utilize 18 resources before applying for a job. This suggests candidates are no longer at night during their work search.

In this review-based system, control is taken away from the company and is in the workers’ hands. Therefore, it’s vital to comprehend that these testimonials influence each prospect’s decision-making procedure. Of course, it’s unrealistic to expect that every worker at a company has a positive experience, so I’m mosting likely to concentrate on negative testimonials.


Each negative testimonial affects an organization’s total rating, so the more bad reviews, the worse the organization’s ranking gets. This can be difficult to fight, yet there are ways to manage it properly. For example, you may have seen headings lately outing companies for “rigging” their Glassdoor web pages, literally paying or incentivizing their workers to leave 5-star, positive testimonials.


Information media is listening. Being included in major nationwide information publications for unfaithful on Glassdoor is not an excellent seek a company, and also it puts their careers in an unfavorable light. You’ll get called out for it in testimonials. We’ve seen this happen, as well as it’s not quite. It likewise makes prospects question what they’re trying to conceal.

When is the adequate time to ask your employees for a testimonial? Milestones are an excellent base. New works, promotions, project launches, and wedding anniversaries are suitable times to get reviews. These are minutes when your workers are likely to assess the development, possibilities, and positive experiences with your business.