How to Fix Glassdoor Reviews Shortly

Are you looking for ways to improve your company’s Glassdoor reviews? It can be hard to know where to start when faced with a pile of negative ratings and reviews. Although it might seem like an overwhelming task, it’s possible to turn the tide and restore your company’s reputation on Glassdoor. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to fix Glassdoor reviews and take control of your company’s online presence. So get ready – let’s get started on repairing your brand image!

Overview of Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor reviews are an important tool for employers and job seekers alike. On Glassdoor, employers can look up reviews written by current or former employees that provide valuable insight into the workplace environment, salaries, benefits, and more. Meanwhile, job seekers can use the reviews to research potential employers before applying. Reviews on Glassdoor are anonymous, allowing employees to speak honestly about their experiences without fear of retribution. As such, these reviews are an invaluable source of information for both parties involved in the hiring process. 

Now picture this: your next round of job applicants look online to find out more about your company. 

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Reasons to Fix Glassdoor Reviews

The reasons to fix Glassdoor reviews are plentiful. First and foremost, negative reviews can hurt a company’s reputation and discourage job seekers from applying for positions. They may also scare away potential investors or partners who could help the business grow. Additionally, negative reviews can lead to decreased employee morale, as employees may become aware of the negative opinions of their colleagues or managers. Finally, as more companies rely on Glassdoor reviews to assess potential hires prior to interviews, employers need to ensure their online reputation is accurate and positive in order to attract top talent.

There is also a paid version which allows you to further build out your page, feature a review of your choosing, and advertise your company and jobs on open competitor profiles.

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Assessing the Current Situation

Assessing the current situation is an important step when it comes to fixing Glassdoor reviews. First, employers should examine their ratings in comparison to similar companies in their industry, as well as their own past performance. This will provide a baseline for improvement and help to identify what specific areas need attention. 

Don’t offer incentives for online reviews, like free mugs or t-shirts, as this can be seen as bribery. Honest feedback helps both prospective employees, clients, and the company.

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Understanding Your Current Ratings and Reviews

Understanding your current ratings and reviews is crucial for improving your Glassdoor presence. Start by examining the average rating for your company, as well as similar companies in the industry. This will help to identify areas where you may be falling behind and suggest how to focus efforts on improvement. Additionally, it’s important to read through any negative reviews and understand what employees are saying about their experience with the company. Analyzing this feedback can provide valuable insight into possible problem areas that need attention. 

The survey comprised 16,129 employees from 469 organizations. The sample and survey design are described in D. Sull, R. Homkes, and C. Sull, “Why Strategy Execution Unravels — and What to Do About It,” Harvard Business Review 93, no. 3 (March 2015): 58-66.

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Analyzing Current Negative Reviews

Analyzing current negative reviews is an important step in understanding how to improve your Glassdoor presence. It’s important to take the time to read through any negative reviews and try to understand what employees are saying about their experience with the company. This can provide a valuable insight into problem areas that need attention and help employers create a more targeted plan for improvement. To get started, look for common trends or themes among negative reviews. Are there certain issues that keep popping up? Identifying the main issues will give employers a better idea of what needs to be addressed first so they can start making changes quickly. 

That problem generalizes to most online reviews. Research shows many of today’s most popular online review platforms — including Yelp business reviews*, and Amazon product reviews — have a distribution of opinion that is highly polarized, with many extreme positive and/or negative reviews, and few moderate opinions. 

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Identifying Potential Areas of Improvement

Once employers have identified the main issues that need to be addressed, the next step is to identify potential areas of improvement. This could involve looking at ways to improve communication between management and employees, introducing new policies or processes, or providing better training and support for employees. Additionally, it’s important for employers to look at how their work environment and culture can be improved in order to make sure employees feel valued and respected. 

Improving Your Company’s Reputation on Glassdoor

Improving a company’s reputation on Glassdoor is an important part of building a positive corporate image. To do this, employers should start by responding to reviews in a timely and professional manner. Doing so shows that the company takes feedback seriously and is willing to address any issues raised. 

K. Vaghul, A. Radeva, and K. Ira, “Workforce Diversity Data Disclosure,” Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, March 9, 2022, 

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Responding to Negative Reviews in a Professional Manner

Responding to negative reviews on Glassdoor in a professional manner is essential for improving a company’s reputation. Employers should strive to maintain an attitude of respect for the reviewer and demonstrate that they are taking the complaint seriously. This can be done by thanking the reviewer for their feedback and then following up with a detailed response that outlines any actions the employer is taking to address the issue at hand. 

Highlighting Positive Reviews and Ratings

Highlighting positive reviews and ratings on Glassdoor is essential for building a company’s reputation. Employers should strive to showcase their successes and customer satisfaction as much as possible. This can be done by making sure that any positive reviews or ratings are visible and easily accessible. Employers should also ensure that customers are aware of the process for submitting positive reviews, so they can make the most of their experience with a company. 

Promoting Openness and Transparency with Employee Feedback

Promoting openness and transparency with employee feedback is vital for creating a positive workplace culture. Employers should encourage their employees to leave honest reviews on Glassdoor, whether they are positive or negative. This not only helps employers gain insight into how employees feel about the company, but it also ensures that employees know their opinions are valued and taken seriously. Additionally, employers should respond to all reviews in a timely manner and be sure to address any issues raised by employees. 

Creating an Inclusive Workplace Environment for All Employees

Creating an inclusive workplace environment for all employees is essential to creating a positive work culture. Employers should strive to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and has equal access to opportunities. This means providing equal benefits, pay, and resources regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. Employers should also look for ways to foster an environment of open communication where employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions and raising concerns without fear of judgment or repercussion. 

Addressing Senior Leadership Criticisms Constructively

Addressing senior leadership criticisms constructively is critical to improving the workplace environment and culture. Senior leaders should be open to feedback from employees, even if it’s negative. It’s important to not take criticism personally, but instead use it as an opportunity for growth plan and learning. 

Focusing on Company Culture Improvements that Matter Most to Employees

Focusing on company culture improvements that matter most to employees is one of the best ways to boost morale and show employee appreciation. Leaders should strive to create a workplace atmosphere that encourages collaboration, creativity, and respect. They should also prioritize communication initiatives such as open forums and surveys to get feedback from employees on how they’re feeling. In addition, implementing initiatives such as flexible work hours, wellness programs, and career development opportunities will help foster an environment where employees can thrive. 

Handling Specific Issues on Glassdoor

Handling specific issues on Glassdoor is key to maintaining a positive online reputation. Companies should use the platform’s powerful search engine to identify any negative reviews about their company and address them directly. This can be done by responding to the review with an apology and an explanation of what steps have been taken to rectify the situation. Additionally, companies should reach out to disgruntled employees via email or phone and try to resolve any outstanding issues that may have led to the issue in the first place. 

Dealing with Covid-19 Related Reviews 

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many companies scrambling to adjust their operations and policies in order to remain competitive. As a result, online reviews of companies have taken on a new importance as customers and job seekers alike use Glassdoor review to provide on their experiences. Companies need to be prepared to handle both positive and negative employee reviews related to the pandemic, while being mindful that responses must be professional, timely and relevant. 

Utilizing Other Platforms to Repair Your Brand Image 

In addition to managing your company’s presence on Glassdoor, it is important to utilize other platforms in order to repair your brand image. Leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help you reach a larger audience and spread positive messages about your company. Additionally, utilizing internal communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams can be beneficial for building relationships with employees, addressing any concerns they may have and fostering team spirit. 


In conclusion, managing your company’s presence on Glassdoor is an important part of repairing your brand image. However, there are a number of other platforms and techniques that should also be utilized in order to create a positive impression and build relationships with current employees, potential customers, local businesses and organizations. 

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