How To Get Rid Of Unfavorable Evaluations From Glassdoor

How To Get Rid Of Unfavorable Evaluations From Glassdoor

What Are Unfavorable Evaluations?

Unfavorable evaluations are reviews of a business, product, or service that offer a negative opinion. These reviews can be found on websites such as Yelp and Glassdoor. Unfavorable evaluations can significantly impact a business’s reputation and sales. They can also lead to increased customer dissatisfaction, which can result in further losses. Content that violates Glassdoor’s Terms of Use can easily be flagged and it will be removed by Glassdoor. 4 Trusted Source Glassdoor. Glassdoor Terms of Use (2020).

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According to a 2016 Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey, 70% of people now look up Glassdoor reviews for a prospective company as they search or apply for a job. The site garners over 57 million unique visitors each month on Glassdoor’s website and mobile site combined, highlighting the importance of the company as a sounding board for employees.

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Why Do Unfavorable Evaluations Need To Be Removed?

Unfavorable evaluations can be incredibly damaging for businesses and should not be taken lightly. They can lead to decreased customer satisfaction, potential losses, and damage to the company’s reputation. In addition, unfavorable reviews may cause potential customers to avoid the business altogether, resulting in further losses.

Businesses should also consider implementing customer surveys or loyalty programs that allow customers to provide feedback directly. This can help companies identify issues before they become negative reviews on third-party websites. Finally, businesses should consider utilizing online reputation management services that monitor reviews on various sites and alert the business of negative comments. This way, companies can address these reviews quickly before they significantly impact their business operations.

Legal Action Against Unfavorable Evaluations

In some cases, businesses may consider taking legal action against unfavorable evaluations. If the review is false or defamatory, the company may have a valid claim for libel and slander. The company must prove that the review was written maliciously and to damage its reputation. Additionally, companies should be aware that they are not allowed to take any action to silence negative reviews on third-party websites, as this could be considered an unlawful interference with freedom of expression.

Ultimately, businesses need to take the time to review their options when dealing with an unfavorable evaluation. Taking legal action should always be a last resort, and companies should ensure that they are well informed about their rights and obligations before proceeding.

Investigating Defamatory Content

Investigating defamatory content online can be daunting, but it is necessary to protect businesses from harm. To examine this type of content, companies should first search for the review or post in question and take screenshots of any relevant

Defending Your Company’s Reputation With Legal Action

If your business has been the target of unfair or defamatory reviews on Glassdoor, it’s important to take legal action to protect your company’s reputation. Pursuing a civil lawsuit may be necessary, especially if the content in question is damaging to your business or violates any laws. If you decide to take legal action, you must first ensure that you have acquired all necessary evidence and documentation for your case. This includes screenshots of the review in question and any other posts made by the same user.

What Are The Potential Risks Of Taking Legal Action?

Legal action against a negative review on Glassdoor can be risky. While it may be necessary to protect your company’s reputation, there are potential risks involved. First and foremost, the cost associated with pursuing legal action can be quite substantial.

Online Reputation Management Strategies

Online reputation management is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. It involves monitoring, managing and responding to customer feedback and reviews to maintain a positive public image

Responding To Negative Reviews Publicly And Professionally

Negative reviews can have a powerful impact on a company’s reputation, and it is important to respond to them professionally. Companies should always approach negative thoughts with an open mind and a willingness to address any issues the reviewer raises. When responding publicly, companies should maintain a professional and courteous tone, even if the review itself is not polite or respectful. professionally, companies can show potential customers that they take feedback seriously and strive for excellence in all aspects of their operations.

Inviting Current Employees To Write Positive Reviews

Inviting current employees to write positive reviews is a great way for companies to showcase the positive aspects of their business and provide prospective customers with an honest insight into what it’s like to work there. Companies should be clear about expectations when asking employees to write reviews so that they understand what type of content is appropriate..

Encouraging Future Employees To Leave Honest Feedback

Encouraging future employees to leave honest feedback can help companies gain valuable insights into their interview and onboarding processes. Companies need to provide clear instructions on how to leave a review, as well as any information that the reviewer should include. Companies should also emphasize the importance of being honest and open in their studies while maintaining a professional tone

Reaching Out To Business Owners For Honest Reviews

Reaching out to business owners for honest reviews is an effective way to gain valuable feedback about your company. Companies should start by connecting with local businesses in their area and offering to exchange thoughts. If possible, this can be done through email, social media, or even face-to-face meetings.

Removing False And Misleading Reviews On Glassdoor

Removing false and misleading reviews on Glassdoor can be a difficult task. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to minimize their impact. First, it’s important to proactively monitor the site for negative reviews that may not accurately reflect your company.

Other Strategies For Getting Rid Of Unfavorable Evaluations Identifying Questionable Content In Reviews And Reporting It To Glassdoor

Another strategy for getting rid of unfavorable evaluations is to identify questionable content in reviews and report it to Glassdoor. Companies should look out for reviews that contain unsubstantiated or potentially defamatory claims, as this type of content can have a negative impact on their employer brand. Additionally, companies should also be on the lookout for reviews that may violate Glassdoor’s community guidelines such as those containing hate speech, threats, or personal attacks. If any of these are found, businesses should contact Glassdoor directly via their support system and explain why the review violates their guidelines. This allows them to take appropriate action and get the review removed if needed. By taking proactive steps to monitor and report questionable content on Glassdoor, companies can ensure they maintain a positive reputation online.

Flag Potential Fake Reviews From Disgruntled Employees Or Competitors

One of the most important strategies for getting rid of unfavorable reviews is to flag potential fake reviews from disgruntled employees or competitors. Fake reviews can often be identified by the language used, as well as the content of the review itself. Companies should look out for reviews that contain false or exaggerated claims, overly negative comments, and reviews that don’t seem to provide any meaningful information. Additionally, companies should pay special attention to reviews posted by anonymous users or those who have only left one review on Glassdoor. If these indicators are present in a review, companies should contact Glassdoor directly and explain why they believe the review is fake. By doing so, businesses can help ensure their online reputation is not tarnished by dishonest actors and their employer brand remains intact.

Utilize Online Review Removal Services When Possible

In some cases, companies may find that their efforts to remove unfavorable reviews from Glassdoor are unsuccessful. Fortunately, there are online review removal services that can help businesses remove negative reviews quickly and effectively. These services specialize in removing negative reviews and restoring a company’s online reputation. They typically use a combination of legal approaches, such as contacting the reviewers or filing a complaint with Glassdoor, as well as technical strategies like using algorithms to detect fake reviews and masking keywords associated with the negative review. By utilizing these services, companies can quickly and effectively reduce the visibility of any negative reviews they receive on Glassdoor and protect their reputation online.


Question & Answers

How do I remove a bad review on Glassdoor ?

If you want to remove a bad review from Glassdoor, there are several options available. First, you can contact the reviewer directly and explain why the review is inaccurate or misleading. This gives them an opportunity to update or remove the review if they feel it is fair to do so. Additionally, businesses have the right to appeal submitted reviews if they contain profanity, libelous statements,

How do I remove false defamatory Glassdoor reviews ?

If a company finds that a false or defamatory review has been posted on Glassdoor, they should contact Glassdoor directly and explain why the review violates their community guidelines. This allows them to take appropriate action and potentially have the review removed. Additionally, businesses can also utilize online review removal services for more complex cases or if their efforts to have the reviews removed have been unsuccessful.

Do companies manipulate Glassdoor reviews ?

While it is possible for companies to manipulate Glassdoor reviews, this is not a recommended practice. Companies should focus on using legitimate strategies such as responding to negative reviews and monitoring the content posted by anonymous users in order to ensure their employer brand remains intact. Additionally, businesses should be aware of any potential attempts by competitors or disgruntled employees to post fake reviews on Glassdoor and take appropriate action if

Can I get in trouble for leaving a bad review on Glassdoor ?

No, you cannot get in trouble for leaving a bad review on Glassdoor. However, if your review contains false or defamatory statements, the company may choose to take legal action against you. Additionally, if you have an employment agreement that prohibits you from posting negative reviews online, the company could potentially take disciplinary action against you as well.


It is important for companies to take action when they receive negative reviews on Glassdoor. Companies can start by trying to contact the reviewer and asking them to remove the review, or use online review removal services when necessary. Additionally, businesses should create a plan for responding to future reviews in order to protect their online reputation and make sure that positive reviews are visible. By taking these proactive steps, companies can ensure that their reputation on Glassdoor remains intact and that customers get an accurate representation of their business.


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