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Reputation Defender is an online reputation management (ORM) company based in Tempe, Arizona. It was founded in 2006 by Michael Fertik and has rapidly grown to dominate the ORM industry. By 2011, it had amassed more than $41 million in investments. By 2018 it was acquired by Stagwell Group, and by 2021 it will be owned by NortonLifeLock. Despite claiming to offer individuals services, the company has received numerous negative reviews and customer experience stories. This article will examine their strengths and weaknesses and provide some recommendations. In addition, you can check glassdoor reviews and remove reviews if you find any negative thoughts about yourself.


MyPrivacy is a subscription service that monitors your online presence and automatically removes personal details. You pay $5 a month for MyPrivacy to keep your online identity safe. It works by scanning the internet for websites that collect your personal information and requesting that they remove it. For example, if you find your name and address, you can contact the site to request that it remove it. This service will also alert you to unauthorized disclosure of your personal information, allowing you to control who sees it.

ReputationDefender is a leader in online privacy, security, and reputation management. Recently, they launched MyPrivacy, a web-based personal data protection solution. This new service makes it easy for consumers to protect their private information from predatory marketers and nosy individuals. By enabling them to review the information on major public databases, My Privacy makes online privacy simple and secure. My Privacy can protect 80% of unwanted direct mail, which is particularly important in today’s society.


If you have a bad reputation online, you may want to sign up for the free MyReputation reputation defender service. This online reputation management service monitors your reputation and helps you remove any potentially defamatory information. If you have any questions about this service, don’t hesitate to contact them. You can also get a free report on your reputation from their website. You can also check out the alpha version of ReputationDefender.

Big Leap

You need a strong defense if your business is under attack by bad reviews on Yelp or social media. Giant Leap, a reputation management agency, can help you. The service works by monitoring every mention of your business on the web, performing search engine optimization and social media audits, creating a positive content strategy, and executing social media campaigns. You can sign up for a free consultation today to ensure your reputation is protected.

Reputation Solutions specializes in PR management, copyright infringement, and legal services. The firm offers free consultations and custom-tailored packages, depending on the specific nature of your business. Giant Leap’s ORM services are centered around content management, including reviews and social media content analysis. The company uses content marketing to bury negative reviews while growing positive content. However, you shouldn’t expect immediate results – this service won’t help your business grow.

Go Fish Digital

In addition to helping business owners protect their online reputations, Go Fish Digital offers comprehensive social media management and search engine optimization services. The company’s social media team optimizes search results for brand-related queries, pushes out negative Google autocomplete values with positive words, and advocates critical messages across a hyper-targeted digital audience. In addition, the company tracks reviews, search results, and other relevant data in real-time, rolling it up in executive dashboards for its clients.

With a global client base and a dedicated team of reputation experts, Go Fish Digital has earned a place among the top-rated online reputation management services. The company works with businesses and individuals of all sizes, from prominent individuals to significant brands. Harmful online content can impact your brand’s reputation, resulting in bad reviews, poor Google Autocomplete results, and inaccurate Wikipedia posts. The company is also known for its award-winning customer service.

Reputation Defender

Reputation Defender is an online reputation management (ORM) service based in Tempe, Arizona. Founded in 2006 by Michael Fertik, the company has increased and amassed over $41 million in investments. By 2011, it was purchased by Stagwell Group, which subsequently acquired NortonLifeLock. Although the company claims to help individuals protect their reputations, it has received poor reviews and customer experience stories. Here’s how Reputation Defender fared against its claims.

Reputation Defender is a comprehensive online reputation management service that helps manage your online identity. Because everything you post online is visible to millions of people, they can determine whether or not to hire you, date you, do business with you, or even loan you money. Reputation Defender helps you control the visibility of your online identity by managing your personal information and removing it from the internet. The company also offers tools to hide sensitive information.

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How to Give Effective Feedback

As a reliable interaction system, feedback can be really efficient. It assists your colleagues understand as well as improve their performance. Comments can motivate workers to enhance as well as be engaged in the business’s goals. Here are some helpful ideas for comments. Remember that responses is a single person’s opinion. It is much better to provide useful responses than to commend a person’s accomplishments. For this reason, feedback is a necessary tool for efficient communication. If you are uncertain just how to supply feedback, here are some ideas for you:

Reputation Management

Reputation management software can help businesses stay on top of their online reputations. The right tool can monitor conversations, spot trending stories, and track the performance of social media channels. It should also produce reports, be easy to use, and require no on-site installation. In addition, it should allow you to assign roles and privileges to different staff members so they can focus on the right things. But if you don’t know what to look for in reputation management software, let us look at some of the best options.


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How Reputation Marketing

Developing a solid online reputation requires more than sending an email asking for reviews. Many consider this unethical and outside the legal realm. Instead, reputation marketing focuses on identifying the root cause of bad reviews and devising a response that corrects the underlying issues. Over time, a company will recognize patterns of negative thoughts related to its prices, staff, or quality. With the right tools and strategies, reputation marketing can become a powerful tool for your business.

Company’s Reputation

A company’s reputation is built from within. From how it treats its employees and customers to how it communicates with its community, the culture of a business can make or break its reputation. For example, diversity within the workforce encourages innovation, creativity, and trust. Hiring diverse employees can make your company more representative of the community. By doing so, you can foster a positive reputation that extends outside of your organization. Keeping these factors in mind can help your company’s overall reputation.

The Benefits of Using Online Reputation Management Services

There are numerous benefits to utilizing Online reputation monitoring services. Initially, they can assist you keep your favorable image, which is crucial if you intend to stay ahead of rivals. The most effective online credibility administration services utilize a combination of seo (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION), social media marketing, as well as material advertising. A long-lasting approach is essential to achieving brand supremacy. However, some track record monitoring services can not deliver lead to a day.

Management for Businesses

You should use a reputation management service to improve your business’ reputation. For example, companies like Igniyte use expert reputation management to improve their clients’ reputations online. They will assess your online presence and make recommendations to improve it. They can also help you recruit top talent and stay ahead of your competition. Ultimately, good reputation management will benefit your business in the long run. So what are the benefits of reputation management for businesses?