Encouraging or incentivizing positive Glassdoor reviews can raise ethical concerns and may violate Glassdoor’s guidelines and terms of service. Glassdoor aims to provide an open and honest platform for employees to share their experiences, and it expects reviews to be genuine and unbiased.

While I don’t have access to specific information about Glassdoor’s policies or updates since September 2021, it is generally not recommended for companies to incentivize or manipulate reviews on any platform, including Glassdoor. Incentivizing positive reviews can undermine the credibility and integrity of the review system and mislead job seekers or other users who rely on the platform for accurate information.

If Glassdoor identifies patterns of fake or manipulated reviews, they may take actions such as removing the reviews, warning or penalizing the company, or even suspending their account. Glassdoor encourages users to report any suspicious or inappropriate reviews, and they have measures in place to investigate and address such concerns.

It is essential for companies to prioritize creating a positive work environment and addressing employee concerns directly rather than attempting to influence online reviews through incentives. Honest and authentic feedback, both positive and negative, can provide valuable insights for companies to improve their practices and attract and retain talented employees.

It’s worth noting that laws and regulations related to online reviews and endorsements can vary by jurisdiction. Companies should consult with legal professionals familiar with local regulations to ensure compliance with applicable laws and ethical standards.


gbpnet Changed status to publish May 22, 2023