Yes, users can typically edit their reviews on Glassdoor after they have been published. Glassdoor allows users to make changes or updates to their reviews to reflect any new information or revised perspectives they may have.

To edit a review on Glassdoor, follow these general steps:

    1. Log in to your Glassdoor account using the same credentials you used to submit the review.
    1. Navigate to your profile or account settings. This can usually be done by clicking on your profile picture or username in the top-right corner of the Glassdoor website.
    1. Look for a section or tab that displays your reviews or contributions. It may be labeled as “My Reviews” or something similar.
    1. Locate the specific review you want to edit and click on the review title or an “Edit Review” button beside it. This will open the review details page.
    1. On the review details page, you should find an option to edit or update the review. Click on that option.
    1. Make the desired changes or updates to your review. You can modify the text, add new information, or revise your ratings as necessary.
    1. After making the changes, review your updated review to ensure it accurately reflects your updated perspective.
    1. Save or submit the edited review. Glassdoor may ask you to confirm the changes before updating the review on their platform.

Please note that the specific steps and user interface may vary slightly depending on Glassdoor’s platform updates or changes made. If you encounter any difficulties, I recommend consulting Glassdoor’s help section or contacting their customer support for further guidance on editing reviews.


gbpnet Changed status to publish May 17, 2023