As an employer, you can request an employee or former employee to remove their review from Glassdoor, but ultimately, it is up to the individual whether they choose to remove their review or not. Glassdoor allows individuals to freely express their opinions and experiences, and they have the right to maintain their reviews on the platform.

When reaching out to an employee or former employee about their review, it is important to approach the conversation respectfully and professionally. Explain your concerns, express a willingness to address any issues raised, and offer an opportunity for open dialogue. However, it is crucial to respect their right to share their perspective and decision to keep or remove their review.

Instead of requesting removal, consider engaging in a constructive conversation to understand their concerns, offer solutions or improvements, and demonstrate your commitment to addressing employee feedback. Taking proactive steps to address concerns raised in the review can help foster a positive relationship and potentially mitigate the impact of negative feedback.

It’s important to note that directly pressuring or retaliating against employees for their reviews on Glassdoor or any other review platform may have legal implications and can damage your employer brand. It is advisable to approach the situation with professionalism, respect, and a focus on building a positive work environment.


gbpnet Changed status to publish May 26, 2023