Glassdoor generally does not remove old reviews solely based on their age. Reviews on Glassdoor are typically meant to provide an ongoing and comprehensive picture of an employer’s reputation over time.

However, there are certain circumstances in which Glassdoor may remove reviews, regardless of their age. These circumstances typically involve violations of Glassdoor’s content guidelines or terms of service. Some examples include:

  1. Violation of guidelines: Reviews that contain offensive language, personal attacks, or discriminatory content may be removed.
  2. False or misleading information: Reviews that are found to contain false statements of fact or misleading information may be removed.
  3. Inappropriate content: Reviews that contain spam, advertisements, or unrelated content may be removed.
  4. Reviewer’s request: In some cases, Glassdoor may honor a reviewer’s request to remove their own review.
  5. Legal obligations: Glassdoor may remove content if required to do so by law or if the content is determined to be illegal or in violation of a court order.

It’s important to note that Glassdoor aims to maintain transparency and preserve the integrity of their platform. They generally prioritize the removal of reviews that violate their guidelines over simply removing old reviews due to their age.

If you have concerns about a specific review on Glassdoor or need further assistance regarding the removal of content, I recommend reaching out to Glassdoor’s customer support for more information. They can provide you with guidance based on the specific circumstances and their current policies.

gbpnet Changed status to publish June 3, 2023