Here’s how Glassdoor generally handles false or defamatory reviews:

    • Content Moderation: Glassdoor employs a team of moderators who review reported content to ensure it aligns with their community guidelines. When a review is written as false or defamatory, Glassdoor’s moderation team assesses the written examination to determine if it violates their policies.
    • Investigation and Verification: Glassdoor investigates to assess the accuracy and validity of the reported review. This may involve reviewing additional information provided by the reviewer and the company involved, if necessary.
    • Removal of Violating Reviews: If Glassdoor’s moderation team determines a review is false or defamatory, they may remove it from the platform. The study will no longer be visible to the public.
    • Appeals Process: Glassdoor provides an appeals process for companies and reviewers who believe a review was mistakenly removed or should be reconsidered. This allows for a fair assessment of the content and ensures that mistakes or misjudgments can be rectified.

It’s important to note that Glassdoor strives to balance providing a platform for open and honest feedback and ensuring the integrity of the information shared.

gbpnet Changed status to publish March 8, 2024