If a company believes they have received a false review on Glassdoor, it can take certain steps to challenge the thinking. Here’s a suggested approach:

    1. Assess the review: Carefully evaluate the content of the study and gather any evidence or documentation that may support your case. Look for specific details that may help identify inaccuracies or falsehoods.
    1. Review Glassdoor’s guidelines: Familiarize yourself with Glassdoor’s review guidelines to understand the criteria for a review to be considered false or in violation of their policies.
    1. Respond publicly: Use Glassdoor’s platform to respond professionally and constructively to the false review. Clearly state your perspective, provide factual information, and respectfully address the concerns. Avoid engaging in arguments or personal attacks.
    1. Flag the review: Use Glassdoor’s reporting system to flag the false review. Provide details about why you believe the review is incorrect or violates Glassdoor’s guidelines. Glassdoor’s content moderation team will evaluate the flagged review based on their policies.
    1. Contact Glassdoor: Reach out to Glassdoor’s support or customer service team to report the false review and provide additional information or evidence that supports your case. Explain why you believe the review is inaccurate and provide any relevant documentation.
    1. Encourage employee reviews: Encourage your employees to share their real experiences on Glassdoor. A larger number of authentic, positive reviews can help counteract the impact of a single false review and provide a more balanced perspective.

It’s important to approach the situation calmly and professionally and comply with Glassdoor’s policies. Remember that Glassdoor has its review evaluation process, and the final decision on the review’s removal rests with them.

gbpnet Changed status to publish May 17, 2023