Removing a bad Glassdoor review can be challenging, as Glassdoor typically upholds a commitment to transparency and allowing employees to freely share their experiences. However, if you believe a review violates Glassdoor’s guidelines or policies, you can take the following steps:

  1. Review Glassdoor’s guidelines: Familiarize yourself with Glassdoor’s community guidelines, terms of service, and content policies. Understand the specific criteria that warrant the removal of a review.
  2. Flag the review: Visit the Glassdoor website and locate the review you believe should be removed. Click on the “Flag as Inappropriate” or “Report” option near the review. Provide a clear explanation of why you believe the review violates Glassdoor’s guidelines or policies.
  3. Provide evidence: If possible, gather any supporting evidence or documentation that can demonstrate the inaccuracy or violation of the review. This may include emails, policies, or other relevant information.
  4. Contact Glassdoor directly: If flagging the review does not lead to its removal or if you have additional concerns, you can reach out to Glassdoor’s support team. Visit the Glassdoor Help Center or support page to find contact information for reporting issues. Provide them with the details of the review, your reasons for requesting its removal, and any supporting evidence you have.
  5. Seek legal advice (if necessary): In certain cases where a review contains false, defamatory, or harmful information that is causing significant harm to the company’s reputation, you may consider consulting with a legal professional to explore your options and understand the applicable laws in your jurisdiction.

It’s important to note that the success of having a review removed depends on whether it violates Glassdoor’s guidelines or policies. Glassdoor’s moderation team evaluates reported reviews and determines if they should be taken down. Not all flagged reviews will be removed, as Glassdoor aims to maintain a platform for open and honest employee feedback.

gbpnet Changed status to publish March 8, 2024