Glassdoor employs several measures to help ensure that reviews posted on its platform are genuine. While the specific details of their processes are proprietary, here are some of the methods Glassdoor utilizes:
  1. User verification: Glassdoor encourages users to verify their employment through email addresses associated with their current or former companies. This verification helps establish a connection between the user and the company they are reviewing.
  2. Algorithmic analysis: Glassdoor employs algorithms and data analytics to analyze patterns and detect suspicious or fraudulent activities. They look for anomalies such as a high volume of reviews from a single source, similar language across multiple studies, or other manipulation indicators.
  3. Community moderation: Glassdoor relies on its user community to report suspicious or fraudulent content. Users can flag reviews they believe are false, misleading, or violating Glassdoor’s guidelines. Glassdoor’s content moderation team then reviews documented reviews.
  4. Content moderation team: Glassdoor’s dedicated team reviews and evaluates reported content. In addition, they assess reviews for compliance with their guidelines and terms of service and conduct investigations when necessary to verify information and detect fraudulent activity.
  5. Employee feedback: Glassdoor encourages companies to provide input on reviews to help address any inaccuracies or disputes. Companies can respond to reviews publicly and provide their perspective, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the employee experience.
While Glassdoor tries to ensure the authenticity of reviews, no system is entirely foolproof. Sometimes, it may be challenging to identify false reviews with certainty. However, Glassdoor’s user verification, algorithmic analysis, community moderation, and content moderation processes work in tandem to minimize the presence of fraudulent or manipulated reviews on their platform. If users come across suspicious reviews, they are encouraged to report them to Glassdoor for investigation. This collaborative approach helps maintain the credibility and reliability of the reviews on Glassdoor.
gbpnet Changed status to publish May 15, 2023