Glassdoor has mechanisms in place to handle reports of false or inappropriate reviews. Here’s a general overview of how Glassdoor handles such reports:

    1. Reporting system: Glassdoor provides a reporting system that allows employers to report reviews they believe to be false, inappropriate, or in violation of Glassdoor’s guidelines. The reporting system can typically be accessed through the employer’s Glassdoor account.
    1. Review evaluation: Glassdoor reviews the reported reviews and assesses their compliance with their content guidelines and terms of service. They consider factors such as whether the review contains false information, violates privacy or confidentiality, or contains offensive or inappropriate content.
    1. Communication with the reviewer: If Glassdoor determines that a reported review violates their guidelines, they may reach out to the reviewer to request additional information or clarification. They may also provide the reviewer an opportunity to modify or remove the review voluntarily.
    1. Review verification: Glassdoor takes steps to verify the authenticity of reviews and ensure they come from genuine employees. They employ various methods, including IP tracking, email verification, and other techniques to minimize the submission of fraudulent or false reviews.
    1. Review removal: If Glassdoor determines that a reported review violates their guidelines or terms of service, they may remove the review from their platform. This can include reviews that are deemed false, contain inappropriate content, or violate privacy or confidentiality.
    1. Appeals process: Glassdoor generally allows reviewers to appeal the removal of their reviews if they believe the decision was made in error. The appeals process provides an opportunity for the reviewer to present their case and provide additional information or context.

It’s important to note that Glassdoor aims to maintain a balance between providing a platform for honest employee feedback and ensuring the integrity of their platform. They take reports of false or inappropriate reviews seriously and strive to address them in a fair and objective manner.

If you have specific concerns about a review on Glassdoor, I recommend reaching out to Glassdoor’s support or customer service team for further guidance on how to report the review and seek resolution

gbpnet Changed status to publish May 17, 2023