1. Glassdoor used a combination of automated systems and manual moderation to verify reviews submitted by users. While I cannot provide specific details about any changes or updates since then, I can explain the general process that Glassdoor typically followed.
    1. User Registration: In order to leave a review on Glassdoor, users need to create an account and register with a valid email address.
    2. Community Guidelines: Glassdoor has community guidelines that outline the rules and expectations for user-generated content, including reviews. These guidelines help ensure that reviews are fair, unbiased, and meet the platform’s standards.
    3. Automated Systems: Glassdoor employs automated systems to filter and flag potential violations of their guidelines. These systems use algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify suspicious or low-quality content.
    4. Manual Moderation: Glassdoor also relies on a team of human moderators who manually review flagged content and make decisions regarding its acceptance or removal. These moderators are responsible for verifying the authenticity and compliance of the reviews.
    5. Validation Process: Glassdoor may employ various methods to validate the information in a review, such as checking the email domain of the reviewer, reviewing the IP address associated with the submission, or comparing the review with the company’s publicly available information.
    6. User Reporting: Glassdoor encourages its users to report any reviews that they believe violate the guidelines or appear fraudulent. User reports help Glassdoor identify and investigate potentially problematic reviews.

    It’s important to note that while Glassdoor makes efforts to verify reviews, it is still possible for some biased or inaccurate content to slip through their moderation process. Users should exercise their own judgment and consider multiple sources of information when evaluating a company’s reputation on Glassdoor or any other platform.

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