Responding to a negative review on Glassdoor can be a delicate task, but it’s an opportunity to show your company’s commitment to addressing concerns and improving the workplace. Here are some steps to consider:


    1. Stay Calm and Professional: It’s important to approach the feedback with a calm and professional demeanor. Do not respond defensively or attack the reviewer.
    1. Acknowledge and Thank: Start by acknowledging the reviewer’s feedback and thanking them for taking the time to share their experience. This shows that you value all feedback, even if it’s negative.
    1. Address Specific Issues: If the reviewer mentioned specific issues, address them directly. Be honest about any mistakes that were made and discuss any steps that are being taken to correct the problem. If you need more details to address the issue properly, consider inviting the reviewer to discuss it privately.
    1. Highlight the Positive: If appropriate, highlight some of the positive aspects of your company or any improvements that have been made recently. This can help balance out the negative aspects mentioned in the review.
    1. Maintain Confidentiality: Remember to respect privacy and confidentiality rules. Avoid mentioning specific individuals or situations that could be identifiable.
    1. Proofread: Before posting your response, proofread for clarity, tone, and any errors. It can be helpful to have a second pair of eyes review your response.

Remember, your response will be public on Glassdoor, so it’s not just the original reviewer who will see it. Potential employees may read it too, so it’s a chance to show that your company takes feedback seriously and is committed to creating a positive work environment.

gbpnet Changed status to publish March 8, 2024