Removing a Glassdoor review is typically not within the control of the company or the individual being reviewed. Glassdoor, like many other review platforms, has its own policies and guidelines regarding the removal of reviews. Reviews are generally only removed if they violate Glassdoor’s guidelines or terms of service.

Here are some common scenarios where a Glassdoor review may be removed:


    1. Violation of Guidelines: If a review contains offensive language, personal attacks, confidential information, or violates Glassdoor’s community guidelines, it may be reported and removed after review by Glassdoor’s moderation team.
    1. False or Inaccurate Information: If a review is found to contain false information, libelous statements, or inaccuracies, it may be subject to removal. Glassdoor aims to provide reliable and accurate information to job seekers.
    1. Fraudulent or Spammy Reviews: Reviews that are suspected of being fraudulent, spammy, or part of a coordinated effort to manipulate ratings may be flagged and removed.
    1. Employer Disputes: In some cases, if an employer disputes the authenticity or accuracy of a review, Glassdoor may temporarily remove the review pending further investigation.

If you believe a review on Glassdoor violates their guidelines or contains false information, you can flag the review for review by Glassdoor’s moderation team. Provide clear and specific details regarding your concerns and any supporting evidence you may have. Glassdoor’s moderation team will assess the reported review and take appropriate action based on their guidelines.

It’s important to note that Glassdoor has the final say in determining whether a review should be removed. Their policies and processes may have evolved

gbpnet Changed status to publish June 27, 2023