If you encounter inappropriate reviews on Glassdoor that violate their community guidelines, you can report them using the platform’s reporting feature. Here’s a general process for writing inappropriate reviews:

    1. Locate the Review: Find the specific review that you believe is inappropriate or violates Glassdoor’s guidelines. You can search for the company’s profile and navigate to the reviews section.
    1. Flag the Review: Look for the flag icon or the “Report” option near the review. Click on it to initiate the reporting process.
    1. Select the Reason: Glassdoor usually lists reasons for reporting a review. Choose the most appropriate option that aligns with the violation or inappropriateness of the evaluation.
    1. Provide Details: In the reporting form, provide specific details about why you believe the review should be reported. Be clear and concise, and include any relevant information or evidence that supports your claim.
    1. Submit the Report: After completing the reporting form, submit it to Glassdoor for review. Glassdoor’s moderation team will assess the reported review based on their guidelines.
gbpnet Changed status to publish May 18, 2023