Glassdoor’s community guidelines for reviews aim to ensure that all content shared on the platform is honest, relevant, and respectful. Here are some key points from these guidelines:
    1. Honesty: Reviews should reflect genuine personal experience. Misrepresenting employment status, making false statements, or writing a review on behalf of someone else is prohibited.
    1. Relevance: Content should be job or company-related. Reviews should not include personal rants or vent about political, ethical, or social issues that are not directly related to the workplace.
    1. Respect: Personal attacks, discrimination, and harassment are not tolerated. Content should not include defamatory remarks, offensive language, or personal insults.
    1. Privacy: Reviews should not include confidential company information or any content that infringes upon someone’s privacy. For example, you should not mention individuals by name.
    1. Accuracy: Try to ensure that all information shared in your review is accurate to the best of your knowledge.
Please note that this is a general summary of the guidelines and not an exhaustive list. It’s always best to check the most recent guidelines on Glassdoor’s website to make sure your review complies with all their rules. If a review is found to violate these guidelines, Glassdoor may remove it. If a review was removed because it violated Glassdoor’s guidelines, reposting the same content is not advisable as it would likely be removed again for the same reasons. Glassdoor’s content moderation team checks reported reviews against their community guidelines, and if a review violates these, it is removed from the site. However, if you believe your review was removed unfairly, you could try reaching out to Glassdoor’s support team to discuss the situation. They can provide specific reasons why your review was removed, which can help you understand what content was problematic. Alternatively, you can write a new review, making sure to adhere to the community guidelines. Be factual, specific, and avoid any content that could be seen as offensive, defamatory, or in violation of the guidelines. This could increase the likelihood of your review being accepted and remaining posted on the site.

gbpnet Changed status to publish May 15, 2023