Glassdoor has guidelines and policies to determine when a review may be removed from its platform. While the specific criteria can vary, here are some common reasons that may lead to the removal of a Glassdoor review:
    1. Violation of content guidelines: Reviews that contain offensive language, hate speech, personal attacks, or discriminatory content may be removed.
    1. False information: Reviews that are determined to contain false or misleading information that could harm a company’s reputation may be removed.
    1. Inappropriate or irrelevant content: Reviews that do not pertain to the employment experience at a specific company, such as spam or unrelated content, may be removed.
    1. Breach of privacy or confidentiality: Reviews that disclose sensitive or confidential information, violate non-disclosure agreements, or reveal personally identifiable information may be removed.
    1. Manipulation or bias: Reviews suspected to be fraudulent, incentivized, or manipulated to skew the overall rating or misrepresent the employee experience may be removed.
    1. Unfair or retaliatory reviews: Reviews seen as retaliatory or unfairly targeting specific individuals or groups within a company may be removed.
It’s important to note that the final decision to remove a review rests with Glassdoor. Their dedicated content moderation team evaluates reported studies based on their guidelines and policies. If you believe a review on Glassdoor violates their guidelines or terms of service, you can report it to Glassdoor using their reporting system. Provide specific details and reasons for your report to help Glassdoor evaluate.
gbpnet Changed status to publish May 17, 2023