When people Google a company and see its Glassdoor reviews, they typically see a summary of the company’s overall rating, along with the number of reviews contributed by employees or former employees. This summary provides an aggregated score based on the ratings given by individuals.

Additionally, search results often display a selection of individual reviews, highlighting both positive and negative feedback from employees. These reviews can include details about the work environment, company culture, management, compensation, and other aspects of the employee experience.

In some cases, Google search results may also show an average star rating based on the Glassdoor reviews. This rating provides a quick overview of how employees generally perceive the company.

It’s worth noting that search results can vary depending on the company’s online presence, search engine algorithms, and other factors. However, Glassdoor is a well-known platform for employee reviews, and its content often appears prominently in search results related to a company’s reputation and employee experiences.

gbpnet Changed status to publish March 8, 2024