Social responsibility examples

Top 5 Social Responsibility Examples

If you’re looking for some social responsibility examples to follow, consider Uber, a popular ride-sharing startup. Unfortunately, while it was once a hot startup, it has been plagued by scandal after scandal. Recently, it was accused of hiring employees to cancel rides on competitors. Although Uber later said it was unaware of these activities, the company’s reputation has been damaged by its actions. To avoid making similar mistakes, try following the lead of your competitors. You can check glassdoor reviews and remove reviews if you find any negative thoughts about yourself Top 5 social responsibility examples.

TOMS Shoes

One of TOMS Shoes’ most notable social responsibilities is the company’s decision to donate one pair of shoes for every pair sold. This business model ensures that a poor child benefits from TOMS’s boots. While the company’s business model is not without challenges, TOMS’s social responsibility is based on ethical solutions to environmental problems. The company’s sustainability practices include using recyclable materials that do not damage the environment. TOMS also makes an effort to invest in communities in need, both close to home and far away.


The company has set ambitious goals for its environmental and social impact, but some of its statements about its product’s environmental impact are misleading or unsubstantiated. One of H&M’s social responsibility examples is their efforts to promote STEM careers, such as software engineering, by developing a STEM program in collaboration with nonprofit organization Stemme. In addition, by providing mentorships and networking events, the company hopes to encourage more young women to pursue a career in science or technology.

H&M’s mission to save the elephants

When I first heard about H&M’s mission to save the world’s elephants, I was shocked to see that the fashion company has a social responsibility campaign. They’ve given $3.3 million to help educate refugee children in Rwanda, and their garment collection initiative has raised millions of dollars for various nonprofit organizations. Of course, the company isn’t the only company with social responsibility initiatives, but it certainly makes people aware of what they’re buying.

H&M’s “one for one” business model

The concept of giving back is not new, but H&M’s “one for one” or one pair for one dollar business model was innovative. First, H&M launched a global advertising campaign to attract a diverse audience, including black and white photos of potential employees and bold messages about the brand’s progressive values. The campaign reached the widest audience possible, reaching millions of people.

H&M’s efforts to end gun violence

In response to recent mass shootings, high-end apparel giant H&M has pledged to reduce the number of guns in its stores. The Swedish company plans to close 350 stores in 2021 and open 100 new ones. Last year, it was forced to shut down 80% of its stores because of a coronavirus pandemic. In response to these tragedies, the company pledged to make its stores safer by reducing the number of guns they sell.

TOMS Shoes’ commitment to ending mental health issues

The TOMS shoe founder has a personal history of dealing with depression, and the company has since worked to support causes that address mental health. In 2018, Toms Shoes pledged $5 million to organizations fighting gun violence, and they recently became certified as a B Corporation. While many companies are stepping up to help those with mental health issues, TOMS is taking a different approach. The company is working to raise awareness about the subject by educating business professionals about self-care.

TOMS Shoes’ support of grassroots initiatives

If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, consider the impact of TOMS. The US-based footwear brand donates one pair of shoes for every pair sold to grassroots initiatives. Since 2006, TOMS has helped more than a hundred million lives through its impact strategies and environmental industries. It has expanded its outreach into the nonprofit sector and has even worked with the first Apple stores. Two former Apple employees founded TOMS and makes a difference by giving back one pair of shoes for every couple sold.

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Socially Responsible Companies

Socially responsible companies put social impact at the heart of their business. For example, Bombas founders found a need for socks at homeless shelters and decided to start a sock company. In addition, they wanted to continue the model of Toms Shoes by giving back to the community. They also offer benefits to their employees and give back to the environment. These are just a few examples of companies that do good.

Social Responsibility Definition: What Does it Mean to Act Ethically?

If you’ve ever wondered what social responsibility is, you’ve probably been asking yourself this question. What does it mean to act ethically? Social responsibility is the notion that individuals should work with others, organizations, and communities. It is for the greater good of the community, and it involves working to improve society. To learn more, read on. And remember to keep these principles in mind when defining your company’s social responsibility policies.