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Can you remove Glassdoor reviews?

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—- Removing Glassdoor reviews is like erasing history. It’s impossible to get rid of the truth and the experiences shared by previous employees, no matter how hard you try to sweep them under the rug.
– Removing negative reviews is like trying to get out of trouble without facing the consequences – it just doesn’t work in real life.
– Removing bad reviews is like stepping back while walking on a staircase; you must move forward into the uncertain territory to make progress.

– Reading employer reviews on Glassdoor is like reading a book before an interview. You can glean insight into company culture and industry standards that will give you a better understanding of what to expect during negotiations.
– They are like Yelp for employers. They help find the best places to work by collecting all of the information about an employer, both good and bad, all in one place.

Glassdoor is now one of the most trusted and popular digital platforms from which employers and employees can post information about a company, job vacancies, and even salaries for the public to view. One of the site’s features is its review option, which allows employees and former employees to write about their experience working for their employers. 

Glassdoor is a website that functions as an employer review and an online job board. In the past, employers could post job vacancies directly on the website, but this feature is no longer available since the company partnered with Indeed. These days, it allows employers to post their business profiles and employees to post reviews of the company and job position, ratings, and other relevant information such as salary. In addition, you can remove helpful votes from Glassdoor.

Do Companies Get Notified of Glassdoor Reviews?

Employers receive an email notification when a new review is posted via Glassdoor. For example, it sends alerts when a company gets new low or high ratings on it. In addition, interview reviews written by candidates will also trigger a warning to inform the employer that a new post is available for viewing.

Negative Impact of Glassdoor Reviews on Businesses

The thing about negative reviews is that they tend to have a ripple effect. Potential candidates who read these reviews will likely stay away from the company with a low rating. The idea is that the rating is deserved, regardless of whether this is true or not. It all boils down company’s overall reputation company, which can and will be affected tremendously by perception, particularly of potential top candidates.

This is critical, especially in highly competitive industries, and even more challenging since the reviews are easily accessed online. And the search does not even have to begin and end on the Glassdoor website alone. Reddit, among other sites, is a popular alternative regarding bad reviews. 

Reasons for Removing Glassdoor Reviews

There is a very low to zero likelihood that employers will benefit from scathing bad reviews. Some of the most common reasons why employers would want to have it removed include the following:

-information provided is false or inaccurate, such as when an event mentioned never occurred or is exaggerated
-review is derogatory
-review is unfair, such as when the post written is without any context
-review is damaging to the brand

How Does Glassdoor Remove Reviews?

Glassdoor’s dedicated Content team will check reviews for compliance with its guidelines. Within 24 hours of submission, Glassdoor will review the post, and as long as it meets the requirements, it will be approved and viewable by the public. If the review fails regarding guideline compliance, it will either refuse to post the review or take it down if it is False or Misleading Content.

Defamatory Content

Some reviews on the site are meant to harm the company’s reputation. Although Glassdoor allows transparency, any content considered defamatory can be flagged by the employer in question so that the site will review it and, if necessary, take it down.

Harmful Content

The goal of Glassdoor is to provide a platform for employees and former employees to offer an insider’s perspective of the employer. If the content is deemed harmful or questionable by the Glassdoor Content Team, it will be removed.

How to Remove a Glassdoor Review

Companies that have received scathing yet incorrect reviews will naturally want to know how to remove false statements. They offer companies several options to handle reviews. These options include:

-flagging the review

If the employer considers a review violating guidelines, it can be flagged on the site so the Glassdoor team can review it. The study will be removed if the team finds enough evidence that points to falsehood or abuse.

Taking all these above factors as summarized below into consideration will likely increase your chances of success to Remove Glassdoor Reviews

    1. This review violates Glassdoor’s guidelines

It must be removed immediately. As a platform dedicated to honest reviews, we believe it is important to maintain high standards of accuracy, privacy and safety in order for our users to receive the most reliable information. 

    2. This review contains false information.

Although we understand that this review contains false information, we want to ensure our customers and potential customers of the quality of our products. To resolve this issue, please contact us directly so we can investigate further and take appropriate action if necessary. 

    3. The same person has written multiple reviews.

Sometimes the same person has written multiple reviews for the same product or service. This could be because they are genuinely satisfied with the product or service and have decided to share their experience with others. It could also mean that the individual simply has a strong bond with the business, making them more likely to write reviews in their favor.

    4. The review was written by management or HR

The review was likely written by a member of the management team or human resources. Managers and HR personnel typically conduct employee reviews to assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and foster professional development. 

    5. This review is for the wrong company.

We apologize if this review has been posted for the wrong company. Our team here at XYZ takes all customer feedback seriously, and we would like to take the opportunity to set things right. Please let us know which company you were trying to review so that we can help you post your review in the correct place. 

    6. I want to comment on this review.

Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate it and are always looking for ways to improve our product. We understand your frustration with certain aspects of the product, and we are committed to continuously working towards improving those features. 

    7. None of the choices above apply. 

If none of the choices above apply, it is important to consider all available options before making a decision. It is best to assess the situation and weigh out the pros and cons of each potential solution before deciding which is best. It may also be helpful to reach out to people who have experience in similar situations or have relevant knowledge in order to gain additional insight that may help inform your choice.

-responding to the review

Glassdoor allows employers to post a direct response to the review on the site. After the Glassdoor login, the employer may view all reviews from its account and reply to the thoughts they choose. This is an excellent way to address any issues directly. Note that the person who posted the review will not be able to respond to the employer’s response, which means that the employer’s comment is the last to be viewed after the study.

-asking employees to post more reviews

Glassdoor allows only one review per employee per employer per year. By asking employees to leave more reviews, the employer can generate a general view of the company and not just extreme opinions. Note that Glassdoor prohibits coercion and incentivization of reviews on its site, meaning employees must volunteer (anonymously) their ideas.

-taking legal action

A lawsuit is always an option but should be considered a last resort. Suing the poster of the review or even Glassdoor can lead to certain consequences that the employer should be aware of. Glassdoor is not responsible for any content submitted voluntarily to the site. As part of its policy, it will also protect the identity of the individuals who posted the reviews. Employers who decide on this course of action should be aware of these factors


Request Removal from Glassdoor Directly

Regardless of the severity of a negative review, a company cannot ask, threaten, or pay Glassdoor assessment down an employee’s post. Of course, they could challenge the thought by flagging it or responding to it. However, Glassdoor will only remove a negative review if it violates them and other site requirements or if legal reasons will compel them to do so.

Note that using Glassdoor without an account signup first is impossible. With an account, the employer or employee can leave reviews and comments and access other features such as interviews, salaries, and job postings. Some considerations may also want to know how to use Glassdoor without thought features activated. Unfortunately, this option is available to registered users and is not within the employer’s control.

Respond to the Reviewer and Ask for the Removal 

One of the best ways an employer should handle a negative Glassdoor review is to respond directly to the person who posted it, provide factual support that opposes the study, then ask the reviewer to remove their post. In addition, it would help to read Glassdoor negative review examples that the employer has responded to as a guide on possible ways to manage challenging issues reasonably. 

Utilize Online Reputation Management Services

Negative employee reviews hurt business growth, operation, and reputation. For example, a bad review can drive away great candidates and increase the cost of hiring new employees. It also goes the cost of marketing and brand building up, impacting a company’s relationships with its partners, suppliers, and employees. 

  •  No more worrying about them influencing your business or online reputation.
  • You can maintain control over how your business is portrayed and presented to potential buyers and employers.
  •  You can keep private discussions between employees and management a secret.
  •  All existing reviews will be checked and give you a clean slate.
  •  Create an atmosphere of trust between employers, seekers, and buyers by giving them peace of mind that their feedback won’t be shared on public forums.

Remove Glassdoor Reviews provides a reliable service to protect companies from the impact of fake and malicious ones. We want your brand reputation to be untainted with teams dedicated to swiftly dealing with bad press. In addition, our cutting-edge technology helps such negative reviews not adversely affect your company’s image in the long term.

We know how important it is for businesses to maintain a positive online presence. Unfortunately, negative sites can hurt your online reputation and hiring prospects. We offer a comprehensive service to remove negative reviews from glassdoor that are negative, fake, or misleading info.

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Negative or fake ones can seriously impact your business’s online reputation. Not only can they make it more difficult to recruit talented people, but they can also increase recruitment costs. Companies, therefore, need to see that any harmful ones are taken off quickly and efficiently. They include;

– online reputation management
– brand image
– privacy policies
– public opinion
– customer feedback
– social media monitoring
– consumer protection laws
– content moderation

Here are some key stats regarding the impact of a negative company’s reputation:

  • Nearly 83% of all job seekers research a company’s reviews before applying.
  • minclaw.com.
  • According to a 2016 Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey, most candidates read six reviews before forming an opinion about a company, and 70 percent of people now look to thoughts before making career decisions.
  • Glassdoor.com

Ask different departments to give ratings at other times to avoid a sudden surge of 5-star reviews. For example, Glassdoor might take them if it suspects you have been ballot stuffing.

Source: How Companies Secretly Boost Their Ratings 

They are critical to defining the workplace culture by someone who has worked at your business. For example, some companies want to define culture as pizza parties and Friday drinks, but that’s not really what it is. Workplace culture is defined by shared beliefs and attitudes, not whether your boss lets you leave early on your birthday.

Source: How To Create A Positive Workplace Culture

Now, that’s a million-dollar question for the glassdoor review removal policy. Here’s what you should know –

  • They don’t take down negatives unless there are legal grounds for removal.
  • It is not possible to remove Glassdoor reviews that you dislike.
  • However, any against containing false information can be taken off.
  • They also have a process to minimize google 
    posts online.

If you find a bad one by someone false, you can learn how to do it:

  • To flag inappropriate info about your company, go to the profile page, click on the banner at the right of the evaluation, select a reason for reporting it, and their response.

How Can We Help?

Our team of experts specializes in helping businesses delete undesirable bad details from Glassdoor. We work with you to find bad ones and then find ways to take the necessary steps to clear them quickly and efficiently. Our methods can be legal action if necessary, so you can rest assured that your business’s reputation remains intact and protected from further harm. First, contact Glassdoor for employers’ pricing. Then, sign in for the Glassdoor edit profile and select the “Edit Profile” option. Do they matter? Yes, they do.

How do We work?

We follow a professional process, so they are cleared quickly and efficiently.

1. We will check them and give you a quote.

2. We will then take the necessary steps to have them deleted, including legal action if necessary.

3. We will monitor the website so it can be addressed soon. 

4 . We will provide you with regular updates on the progress of the removal process.

5. Once they are done, we will give you a final report detailing the results.


Over the past 9+ years, our Glassdoor Review Removal experts team has helped thousands of companies permanently remove harmful reviews from Glassdoor. However, for a Glassdoor review to be considered for removal, there must be a direct violation of Glassdoor’s community guidelines and terms of service. In other words, you can’t simply remove unwanted Glassdoor reviews that you don’t like. 

External Link: https://www.glassdoor.com/about/terms.htm

According to a 2016 Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey, 70% of people now look up Glassdoor reviews for a prospective company as they search or apply for a job. In addition, the site garners over 57 million unique visitors each month on Glassdoor’s website and mobile site combined, highlighting the importance of the company as a sounding board for employees.

Source: https://www.glassdoor.com/employers/blog/how-candidates-use-glassdoor/

Reports also show that at least 84% of people trust online customer reviews as much as a friend’s recommendation, showing the influence and credibility of online review systems. Additionally, 62% of respondents agree that their opinion of a company improves if they respond to negative or positive Glassdoor reviews.

Source: https://www.glassdoor.com/employers/popular-topics/hr-stats.htm

Glassdoor reviews are critical to defining the workplace culture by someone who has worked at your business. For example, some companies want to define culture as pizza parties and Friday drinks, but that’s not really what it is. Workplace culture is defined by shared beliefs and attitudes, not whether your boss lets you leave early on your birthday.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/pragyaagarwaleurope/2018/08/29/how-to-create-a-positive-work-place-culture/

First, I cannot stress how important it is for businesses to address bad Glassdoor reviews when they happen immediately. Online employer and company reviews have become the first and most influential factors that employees research and look to when determining whether to work for or engage with a company. Nearly 83% of all job seekers research a company’s reviews and ratings before applying. 1 Trusted Source: Study Glassdoor. 65 HR and Recruiting Stats for 2018 – Statistical Reference Guide for Recruiters (2018).

Source: https://content.ebulletins.com/hubfs/C1/Glassdoor/65-hr-and-recruiting-stats-for-2018.pdf

There are convenient times to ask your colleagues for help with Glassdoor reviews. In addition, creating a positive corporate culture can remind employees of the benefits of working at your company. 

Source: https://flexgenius.co.uk/

An improved Glassdoor can lead to a myriad of opportunities for your company. Otherwise, you won’t truly remove fake or negative Glassdoor reviews for good.

Source: https://avantusemployeebenefits.co.uk/

Many businesses understand that Glassdoor reviews may have an impact, good or bad, on their recruitment efforts. Still, it also affects marketing, demand generation, company growth, customer success, product development, and sales. 

Source: https://www.peoplehum.com/blog/choose-the-right-recruitment-management-system

Glassdoor community guidelines.

They have set rules that all must follow, like not posting false or other information for using it to harass or bully others.


– Removing is a process that can have multiple goals depending on the company. For example, some companies may use this method to protect their brand image or to prevent any legally questionable remarks from appearing online.
– Review removal is not always foolproof—reviews often resurface online, sometimes months after removal. Therefore, companies should consider the short-term gain and potential longer-term consequences like damage to their reputation.
– Companies must maintain transparency and communicate with reviewers to maximize the benefit. In addition, companies should respond to reviews to maintain a positive reviews relationship with reviewers and heal public perception issues before they become too damaging.

Reputation is fragile and can easily be damaged by a single comment. Although platforms such as Glassdoor are important in promoting transparency and providing job seekers with better information about companies with job vacancies, they are far from perfect. Unfortunately, since there is no way to confirm these claims, it is really up to the public to practice discernment and to the employers to manage the negative reviews sensibly. 

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