Why view glassdoor reviews

How to View Glassdoor Reviews and Who Should Read Them

The importance of Glassdoor reviews cannot be overemphasized. You need to know what the site offers, whether an employer or a job seeker. This article will discuss how to view reviews and who should read them. The Glassdoor community comprises employers, former employees, and job seekers. Glassdoor is an excellent resource for all of them. It also allows employees and employers to respond to reviews. Glassdoor also emphasizes the importance of checks and balances. In fact, on average, people read seven reviews before making a decision. You can check glassdoor reviews and remove reviews if you find negative thoughts about yourself.

Job seekers

More job seekers are turning to Glassdoor when deciding where to work. According to Glassdoor, with 32 million monthly users, six out of ten of them check reviews before applying. In addition, if the company responds to studies, 69% of job seekers are more likely to spread. Therefore, responding to Glassdoor reviews is crucial to attracting top talent. CEOs and Chief People Officers should respond to reviews in person or designate one person to do so. In addition, companies should customize their responses and respond personally to the feedback they receive.

Why view glassdoor reviews

The site allows job seekers to search for jobs across various categories. Job seekers can narrow their search by salary, location, and other factors. Companies can also be rated based on factors like work-life balance and company culture. Reviewing reviews allows job seekers to look beyond salary and position to decide whether the company is worth applying to. Glassdoor’s ratings help them make an informed decision based on the company’s reputation and prospects.


While many of us use Glassdoor to research our next job, not all know how Glassdoor employees view their workplace. While it’s easy to find a glassdoor review that says your boss is terrible, former employees primarily use this site to hammer their employer. As a result, the statistics on Glassdoor are often inaccurate and can easily verify them from public sources. Additionally, Glassdoor attempts to monetize the reviews by removing or mediating them.

The ratings from Glassdoor are often lower than those posted by current employees. Amazon, for example, has a significantly lower Glassdoor rating than its current employees. Unfortunately, those former employees are no longer working for the company. But by responding to negative Glassdoor reviews, companies can potentially build a positive reputation. It also helps show applicants that upper management is active in their employees’ concerns. But in general, it’s best to get the president to handle this, as this shows that senior management is involved in employee needs.

Former employees

You’ve probably read the Glassdoor reviews of former employees and noticed that the ratings are often much lower than those of current employees. That’s because former employees no longer work for the company. However, you can boost your company’s Glassdoor ratings by encouraging former employees to write reviews. Besides, millions of potential job seekers check out Glassdoor to get a feel for whether a company is a good fit for them.

One company that is particularly ripe for negative reviews is Grand Rounds, a company that connects companies with doctors. Grand Rounds’ executives tout their approachability in company meetings, but they’re surrounded by multiple executive assistants who act as gatekeepers. It creates an unhealthy work environment, and the company’s CEO is overly arrogant. One former employee gave this company a negative review and clicked “disapprove of CEO.”

Employer profile

Enhance your Employer profile on Glassdoor by adding a company logo and the “Why Work For Us?” section. This section is customized for each company and can include a detailed overview of the company, an employer-selected office photo, workplace honors, and industry awards. In addition, enhanced profiles include featured reviews and an option to upload a company cover photo. They can also feature a company’s mission statement and pictures.

Many job seekers know that a company’s reputation can make or break a hiring decision. A high-quality employer profile on Glassdoor adds credibility to the company’s evaluation Thousands of job seekers consult Glassdoor to help make the right choice. More than four-fifths of job-seekers consult Glassdoor as part of the selection process. Therefore, it’s imperative to take action steps to establish a stellar Employer profile on Glassdoor.

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Are glassdoor reviews anonymous?

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How to Respond to Glassdoor Company Reviews

If you are an employer and also wish to enhance your service as well as grow your brand name, reviewed Glassdoor Company Reviews. You can discover what is terrific concerning your firm from its staff member reviews, whether you should hire competent workers or upgrade your growth policy. You will also acquire beneficial insight right into your competitors’ weak points, which you can utilize for future advertising and marketing approaches as well as working with decisions. There are numerous advantages to reading Glassdoor Company Reviews, from raised marketing strategy to upgraded growth policies.

Employer brand

An employer’s Glassdoor review can affect their hiring brand, especially if it is on the first page of company reviews. It is because the average attention span of an internet user is only eight seconds. The more positive the reviews are, the better. The employer brand is also essential when unemployment is historically low so that a lousy Glassdoor review could cost them, potential applicants, or current employees.

Responding to negative reviews is an essential part of employer branding on Glassdoor. While it may seem counterproductive to respond to every review, remember that people are giving you free information and taking the time to write a review. As a result, if you respond to the study, your employer’s brand will improve. Therefore, it is essential to respond promptly. Aside from addressing the criticisms you find most unfavorable, you should also be authentic and genuine in your response.

Employee reviews

The best way to respond to negative reviews about your company is to acknowledge them professionally. If a reviewer has been unhappy with your company’s policies, benefits, or customer service, responding to it will help you address the issues. It is essential if you have received numerous negative reviews. Negative reviews can give insight into your company’s hidden problems and pain points. You can address them to prevent further negative thoughts. Listed below are some tips for responding to negative reviews:

Whenever possible, respond to the reviews. A positive response can make a candidate feel more comfortable with the company, while a negative response could look suspicious. If you’re a recently opened company, you can put the long-tenured employees on a schedule to get their feedback. If you’re having difficulty reaching your employees, try scheduling the posts to appear randomly and send reminders to get the ball rolling.


If you’re interested in researching the average salary of employees at various companies, you can visit Glassdoor. This online community is great for looking up wages and benefits, but you should be aware of some limitations. For instance, the salary distributions are not as detailed as they could be, and users often choose to hide details. In addition, the results of Glassdoor company reviews are often biased, so you should be aware of your biases.

It should be a part of your research toolkit, alongside other resources such as company websites, social media profiles, and interviews. The main goal of Glassdoor is to help you find the right job, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Hopefully, this information will prove helpful to you. But if you’re not quite ready to apply for a particular job, use Glassdoor as a research tool instead.


According to a new study by Harris Poll, a company’s culture and shared mission drive employee interest. A recent study found that a shared mission is more important than salary to almost half of employees. Glassdoor’s COO and president, Christian Sutherland-Wong, believes that employees are motivated by the shared task. According to him, culture creates a bond that endures in the marketplace and brings people closer together.

While it is possible to feel the culture from the outside, the best way to understand your company’s culture is to ask employees. A company’s culture can be measured using an employee experience survey platform like Glassdoor. Glassdoor’s survey tool can help you estimate how well your company’s culture fits employee priorities. In addition, a company’s culture can profoundly impact critical metrics like employee satisfaction and turnover. Glassdoor combines employee opinions with data from employee surveys to assess your company’s culture.

Better Glassdoor Versus LinkedIn

While Glassdoor is a great tool for finding a new job, it is also an excellent tool for disgruntled employees to vent. Because Glassdoor is anonymous, people tend to post negative reviews, and those reviews often lack context. Furthermore, many of these reviews are based on gossip and general slander. It means that LinkedIn is the better place to find honest employee feedback. Nonetheless, the downside of Glassdoor is that you may miss out on a great opportunity if you only read its negative reviews.