Why Was My Glassdoor Review Removed?

Have you ever posted a review on Glassdoor, only to find it mysteriously removed later on? Maybe the feedback you left was critical of a company or individual, or perhaps it was too detailed for the platform’s standards. Whatever the case may be, this begs the question: why was my Glassdoor review removed? In this article, we’ll explore the basics of Glassdoor reviews, how they are moderated, and what types of blog content can result in removal. So if you’re wondering why your post vanished into thin air, read on to uncover the mystery behind your missing review!

What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is a website and mobile app that provides job seekers with access to company reviews, salaries, benefits, interview information and more. The platform is designed to allow users to research companies anonymously and make more informed decisions when it comes to applying for jobs. It also allows employers to recruit top talent by showcasing their workplace culture and employee reviews. Glassdoor was founded in 2008 by Robert Hohman and Rich Barton, two former Microsoft executives who wanted to create a transparent job search process. The platform now has over 79 million registered users in 190 countries and has become one of the world’s leading providers of job search information.

Glassdoor is an invaluable aid to job seekers, giving them access to insights into the workplace culture of potential employers. But why would a review be removed from Glassdoor? Stay tuned to find out!

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Why Would a Review be Removed?

Glassdoor is a platform for providing job seekers with honest and unbiased reviews about potential employers. It does have a few rules in place to protect the integrity of these reviews, however. Reviews that violate Glassdoor’s review guidelines, such as those that are defamatory or contain offensive language, will be removed. Reviews must also be objective and accurate and reflect an individual’s own experience. In addition, reviews should not be self-promotional or contain information from third parties such as recruiters. Finally, reviews should not include any confidential or proprietary information about the company in question.


If you find your review has been removed, it may have violated one of these guidelines. If you believe your review was wrongly removed, you can contact Glassdoor customer service to appeal the decision. You will need to provide evidence to support your claim and Glassdoor will then decide if the review can be restored or not.

The Basics of Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor is a great resource for job seekers to get an honest and unbiased look at potential employers. When writing a review, it’s important to keep in mind the guidelines set out by Glassdoor. Reviews should be objective and accurate, and should only reflect your own experience with the company. Reviews should not contain defamatory or offensive language, self-promotion, third-party information, confidential or proprietary information about the company. If you find that your review has been removed, you can contact Glassdoor customer service to appeal the decision. By following these basic guidelines when writing reviews on Glassdoor, you can help ensure that they remain helpful and informative to those seeking employment.

Overall, Glassdoor provides a valuable resource for job seekers to gain an honest and unbiased look at potential employers. Remember to keep your reviews factual and respectful when writing them, so that your experience can help others make an informed decision. Now let’s explore how posts on Glassdoor are moderated to ensure the integrity of the website.

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How Posts are Moderated

Glassdoor online reviews are moderated to ensure the integrity of the website. Reviews are checked for accuracy, objectivity, and respectfulness. Glassdoor employees review each post before it is published to make sure it complies with their guidelines. If a post does not meet these standards, it may be removed from the site or edited to comply with the guidelines. Additionally, Glassdoor reserves the right to remove any posts that contain confidential information about a company or its current employees.

If your post has been removed, you can contact customer service to appeal the decision. The appeals process begins when you contact customer service and explain why you believe your review should remain on Glassdoor. Customer service will then review your post and take appropriate action based on their findings. In some cases, an edited version of your post may be accepted if it meets all of Glassdoor’s guidelines.


Types of Content That Can be Removed

Glassdoor reserves the right to remove any post that does not meet their guidelines. This includes posts that contain inaccurate information, are biased, or contain offensive language. In addition, posts that reveal confidential information about a company or its employees can be removed from the site. Posts containing excessive self-promotion, advertising, or solicitations may also be removed from the site. Finally, posts that are overly long or contain irrelevant material may be subject to removal. It is important for users to familiarize themselves with Glassdoor’s guidelines before submitting posts in order to avoid having their reviews removed.

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What can cause a Glassdoor review to be removed?

Glassdoor reviews can be removed for a few reasons. Reviews containing inappropriate defamatory content, such as vulgar language, offensive remarks, or illegal activities are immediately removed. Additionally, if the review is found to be untrue or contains conflicts of interest (such as if the reviewer was found to be working in the same organization), it might also be removed. In some cases, bad reviews of competitors or former employer profile are flagged and removed as well. Finally, Glassdoor reserves the right to remove any review that they deem fraudulent.

Do I have any recourse if my Glassdoor review was removed maliciously or unfairly?

If your Glassdoor review was removed maliciously or unfairly, you may have some recourse. First, it is important to report the issue directly to Glassdoor and provide any evidence that could prove malicious intent or unfair removal of your review. Depending on their response, you may be able to file a legal complaint against the company profile that requested the removal of your review if they acted outside of their rights as an employer. Additionally, it is possible to get a lawyer or even join a class-action lawsuit in order to challenge Glassdoor’s decision and protect future reviews from similar occurrences.

How can I prevent my Glassdoor reviews from being removed in the future?

One way to prevent your Glassdoor reviews from being removed in the future is to follow the inappropriate content guidelines laid out by Glassdoor. These include making sure that your review is fact-based, honest, and non-defamatory. In addition, you should avoid posting personal opinions or profanity in order to comply with the platform’s policies. Additionally, if you wish to post anonymously, make sure you provide enough detail that allows employers to respond meaningfully. Finally, it can help to review other people’s false reviews so you have a general idea of how constructive or detailed your own should be.

Is the removal of negative Glassdoor reviews allowed by law?

Depending on the nature of the comment, a negative Glassdoor review may be protected by defamation laws. If employers make an effort to remove or alter fake reviews they deem as “negative,” they could be liable for defamation or breach of contract as it is illegal to interfere with an employee’s right to freedom of speech. Employers must therefore be careful not to retaliate against an individual who made a complaint or gave a negative review, and should take time to thoroughly read through each review before considering its removal.

Is there an appeals process if my Glassdoor review was wrongfully removed?

Yes, there is an appeals process if your Glassdoor review was wrongfully removed. If a reviewer disputes the removal of their review, they can contact Glassdoor’s Member Services team at memberservices@glassdoor.com to file an appeal and further investigate the dispute. You must provide evidence that supports why you believe your review was an authentic customer experience and should not have been removed. Depending on the issue, Glassdoor may reinstate your submission.

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