Glassdoor has specific guidelines for removing reviews to maintain the integrity and transparency of the platform. Here are some general principles to consider:
    1. Violations of Community Guidelines: Reviews that violate Glassdoor’s community guidelines may be subject to removal. These guidelines typically include restrictions on content that are false, defamatory, discriminatory, harassing, contains personal attacks, or reveals confidential information.
    1. Inappropriate or Irrelevant Content: Reviews that contain irrelevant information or are unrelated to the workplace, such as personal rants or political statements, may be flagged for removal.
    1. Verification of Employment: Glassdoor may remove reviews if they determine that the reviewer did not have a genuine employment experience with the company.
    1. Reporting and Moderation Process: Glassdoor relies on a reporting and moderation process to assess flagged reviews. Reviews reported by users go through a review process to determine if they violate the guidelines.
It’s important to note that Glassdoor determines the specific guidelines and criteria for review removal and is subject to their discretion. It’s recommended to review the most up-to-date guidelines on Glassdoor’s website or contact their support team for detailed information on their review removal policies.
gbpnet Changed status to publish May 17, 2023